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  • Teen Escort
    Date: Jun/11/2019 02:06
    Age: 19
    City: Linlithgow, West Lothian

    Message me through site or WhatsApp, if interested.

    I'm Connor. Im 19, I'm caring, a good listener... And I also love cock!

    When you meet me or even just chat to me I may seem "sweet" and "innocent" but i have a much darker + kinky side!

    If you are interested in arranging something or even just want to chat then please contact me via WhatsApp through a text, that way I can get in touch with you whenever I'm available to.... It's hard to keep track of messages on this site and this phone can't receive calls or text messages, I only receive messages through WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp- +447469973705
    I check this phone as frequently as possible. If your interested even the tiniest bit, don't hesitate, get in touch. I won't disappoint you. ;)

    To see more pics/vids checkout my profile- >> REPLY NOW! <<