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  • Daniel / Kensington
    Date: Mar/17/2019 13:03
    Age: 32
    City: London (Notting Hill)
    Weight: 11st 1st / 70.3kg
    Height: 6'2 ft / 187cm
    Cock size: 8.3in / 21cm

    - Daniel - 32 - Active - British male.
    - Natural physical appearance/build - smart presentation.

    "Available throughout the day in London and the South of England - I have a good few years experience as a masseur, and escorting for single male customers and couples. I plan to continue for a few more years to support my other interests, which include cautious investing for income and retirement.

    What makes me unusual is not so much my ability working with hands and body as a masseur, but the depth and variety of my experience. This ranges from sensual massage, thru other practised, specialised services referred to in detail on my website.

    I have been working in this area for over a decade after voluntarily leaving higher education during the financial crisis. This was before much of what is now known about the jobs market came to light (see for more detail on this).

    With years of positive feedback and an excellent understanding of my own and others limits, there is no reason to put off contacting me personally."


    What you see on this advert is an accurate portrayal of reality, not subject to manipulation.
    - Own accommodation (London), keyholder for numerous suitable meeting places throughout UK.
    - A professional and direct approach to communication is absolutely essential, and is given in return.
    - Hour from 150+ | Two from 200+ | Day from 400+.

    Daniel - (Mobile - 07867 672229). >> REPLY NOW! <<