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    Date: Jul/23/2019 09:32
    Age: 45
    City: South East London
    Weight: 17st 3st / 109.3kg
    Height: 5'6 ft / 168cm

    Hi guys,

    In brief, my name is Gazza a very straight acting generous Gay Guy. I'm a professional person with own online photography, music and film business.

    What I am looking for is totally NON SEXUAL it's just the adrenaline buzz I am after. Looking for some harmless domination like being held in a headlock, hand gagged, pinned up against a wall, given some verbal and picked up. Looking for a 'boy next door' type of person who would be happy to give me some harmless domination. I am NOT into pain, fighting or anything that serious.

    *18-30 lad
    *Slim build
    *Able to handle themselves
    *Safe to work with
    *Streetwise (knows how to fight)

    I am looking to make regular meets for a 30-40min session if we can work together. I would always ask for a one-off meet first for a casual chat over a pint or two so we have met in person. I have to be a little careful of who I meet because of what I am asking for. In return happy to provide some free services from my company which may benefit yourself.

    Let me know your thoughts people...

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