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Name: Madison Ts
Date: Nov/06/2018 11:58
Age: 27
City: Horsham
Country: United Kingdom
Height: 5'11 ft / 180cm
Cock size: 6.7in / 17cm

I am a one of a kind woman. I'm happy to discuss fetishes etc and aim to accommodate all clients. I can speak French as well as English. I'm Size 10, and on estrogen awaiting surgery.

Intimacy, connection, and hot, filthy sex: Whether it is to treat yourself after a long day of work or to broaden your sexual horizon with an adventurous experience, you won't be disappointed. Ever fantasised about spending the night with a translady? Then search no longer, you've found who you're looking for ;)

My friends would describe me as energetic, warm, comforting and adventurous. I am generally a very caring person and I genuinely enjoy what I do (a lot!). I know how often you've already read a sentence like 'I am always horny!' - but it's true. I. AM. ALWAYS. HORNY. That being said, exploring mine and my play partners sexualities became my biggest passion. I am open for all kinds of filthy plays, naughty experiments and connecting fucks. I want to find out what you're about, what makes you tick and what makes you cum, feel your body next to mine and climax in the same exciting moment. I am not intimidating and I love to help more unexperienced folk to explore their sexuality, especially their kinky side. I am very responsive to your body, mood, communication and wishes.