Hot regular guy here for cams
Name: Ankush
Date: Jul/15/2021 21:16
Age: 21
City: New Delhi
Country: India
Height: 5'9 ft / 175cm
Cock size: 7.9in / 20cm
Phone: +917973764948

Hi this is Ankush and I would like you to consider me to be your online dating partner .
I am nice young guy 21 and I would like to explore guys and talk and comfort you for what I can do .
Be nice and I would be ready to be your permanent dating guy , u won't need anyone I bet that .
I would like to do all horny stuff with you and make you feel pleasurable.
M 5-7 and have a big bone (around 8) which is nice and clean . Also my bubble ass will fire things up.
The best of both worlds , so m quite flexible with whatever u like

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