A genuine connection & commitment
ID: #33281
Name: Caleb
Date: May/13/2022 12:21
Age: 49
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Height: 5'5 ft / 164cm
Cock size: 7.1in / 18cm

A little about me. Introverted until we know each other better. Can be a deep thinker as well as possessing a childlike curiosity. Definitely a geek of most things comic book related, dinosaurs, sci-fi and fantasy.

A hard worker that's good at my job. My family and pets come first as don't have many friends and like it that way

Creative, organised, self-aware with a heart that is full to the brim with no place for the overflow

Other bits and pieces of me; good cook, lover of music, silly, quiet, the dark and outdoors (weather permitting and a hand to hold).

Androgynous looking from my feminine features of long blonde hair, piercings and bubble butt. Masculine acting (mostly). Twunk more than twink, smooth, short, atheltic and that slutty pornstar you want in your bed.

Turn ons; honesty, kindness, kisses & cuddles, openness, good sense of humour, willingness to  communicate, compromise and committed the triangle of any good relationship

Deal breakers; being rude & impatient, lying, users, selfishness, tied to a phone (unless for work), smoking, complacency, being emotionally unavailable

I'm not perfect and you don't have to be. We simply need to be good for and to each other

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