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category: fetish

  • Fetish
    Date: Jan/21/2019 11:59
    Age: 40
    City: London
    Height: 6'0 ft / 183cm
    Cock size: 6.3in / 16cm

    Cute ass up for most things. Love fisting and toys. 07764 819931 >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Cheeky northern chav
    Date: Jan/21/2019 09:24
    Age: 33
    City: London
    Height: 5'8 ft / 172cm
    Cock size: 7.9in / 20cm

    Who doesn't love a cocky muscular fit Geordie lad? >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Raw prep sub for anon use in London Bridge on Sunday
    Date: Jan/07/2019 20:48
    Age: 35
    City: London
    Weight: 12st 7st / 79.4kg
    Height: 5'11 ft / 180cm

    I’ll be blindfolded and taking raw cock (neg, on prep). Hoping to please a string of fit guys under 43.
    My mate will be there for safety and to decide who fucks me. Please reply with photo and stats for him to approve. I won't see you at all.
    Discretion required. No pain, etc. Just fucking.
    First time offer. Come along and fuck me for free this Sunday. Next time I’ll be pimped out for cash.
    >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Looking for muscled, very toned
    Date: Jan/06/2019 17:33
    Age: 38
    City: Portsmouth
    Weight: 14st 2st / 89.8kg
    Height: 6'2 ft / 189cm
    Cock size: 7.5in / 19cm

    Looking for muscled guys for muscle flex meets in Portsmouth area. >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • гидра интернет магазин
    Date: Dec/25/2018 08:45
    Age: 28
    City: Jutiapa
    Weight: 19st 8st / 124.3kg
    Height: 6'8 ft / 204cm
    Cock size: 11.8in / 30cm

    Tor hydra - http hydraruzxpnew4af onion, гидра >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Anything
    Date: Dec/16/2018 19:47
    Age: 27
    City: Cheltenham
    Height: 5'11 ft / 180cm
    Cock size: 6.7in / 17cm

    Looking for a no limits kinda guy. To many say are but really mean they vanilla with a flake if lucky.

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  • Looking for pain and aggro
    Date: Dec/16/2018 14:28
    Age: 40
    City: London
    Weight: 10st 5st / 65.8kg
    Height: 5'9 ft / 174cm

    Hey, I'm looking for a guy who enjoys inflicting pain, to give me a hard time. After aggressive beating, slaps, punches, kicks, choking, etc.
    No serious damage, injuries, blood, or anything unsafe or dangerous.
    Limits to be discussed and agreed beforehand.

    I'm 40yo, relatively fit. 174cm 65kg white European. Only into younger guys, muscular or athletic please. >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Initiation type humiliation
    Date: Dec/09/2018 01:33
    Age: 45
    City: Kidderminster
    Weight: 12st 10st / 80.7kg
    Height: 5'9 ft / 174cm
    Cock size: 7.9in / 20cm

    Looking for men who will strip me and get others to do things to me. Forced exhibition, spat on, group humiliation in truth or dare type games >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Beat me
    Date: Dec/03/2018 13:11
    Age: 26
    City: Lancashire
    Height: 5'5 ft / 166cm
    Cock size: 5.5in / 14cm

    I’m looking for anyone no matter how strong to punch, kick jump ect on me no limits.
    I will keep this short and too the point.
    I will make a deal on having a safeword or not.

    Please drop me a text 07446028854 >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • looking to be spanked while restrained
    Date: Nov/26/2018 14:37
    Age: 65
    City: 58 arps road, codsall, wolverhampton. wv8 1sq
    Height: 5'10 ft / 178cm
    Cock size: 3.5in / 9cm

    i am looking for a local Dominant(s) to restrain and spank me >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Light Bondage fun
    Date: Nov/12/2018 09:01
    Age: 55
    Height: 5'11 ft / 180cm

    FREE 1 Hour taster Light Bondage Fun sessions available strictly for guys in their 20's with a reasonable physique only.
    In-call ONLY.
    Arrive at my home ( Safe, Comfortable and discreet ) or arrange a pick up at Piccadilly Train Station ( Fairfield Street entrance ). Prior exchange of phone numbers required for pick up service!
    Scenario's : Strip naked, be place in a safe bondage position, bound and blind folded ( a blind fold adds to the experience)
    No Marks, No Pain, Nothing Extreme, No Blood or anything Unsafe.
    You'll be caressed, fondled, groped till fully erect, using toys ( Cock rings / Cock Vibrating rings / Latex sleeve / Ball restraints / Nipple clamps and suckers, plus much more) and manually, you'll be cock teased, tormented, edged and finally milked dry.
    Nipple tease play, anal gratification and spanking by request.
    You will be expected to arrived recently bathed / showered, however if you are coming directly from work / college shower facilities available.
    I take no physical interaction and remain clothed throughout. It's all about You.
    Interested ?
    Apply via messaging service with a recent photo, face not required, please be as descriptive as possible as to what you are expecting / interested in, in your first communication.
    Anything you want to know ? Ask away.

    >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Man on man
    Date: Nov/06/2018 13:53
    City: London

    Looking for a big cock to play with bigger the better don't mind BBC >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • strength / lift n carry
    Date: Oct/28/2018 15:14
    Age: 43
    City: London
    Weight: 12st 10st / 80.7kg
    Height: 5'8 ft / 173cm

    Muscles and strength turn me on. I'm looking for a strong bloke to lift me up, carry me, show off strength. I'm a 43yo bloke, stocky frame with slim lik limbs, about 80kg. Can host or travel >> REPLY NOW! <<