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  • Buy me toys , use me on videochat
    Date: Jul/20/2019 14:45
    Age: 18
    City: Worcester
    Height: 6'2 ft / 188cm
    Cock size: 6.3in / 16cm

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    Date: Jul/17/2019 21:20
    Age: 18
    City: London
    Height: 5'9 ft / 175cm
    Cock size: 7.9in / 20cm

    Hey guys, I'm a mixed brazilian/italian guy ,18 years old and based in Central London I'm here to offer you the services of the best guy in town, I'm versatile and pretty open minded, I still got some time avaiable for this week but be quick as I'm going away next week. My pleasure is to give you pleasure and I'm 100% sure that it will be the best experience that you ever had, don't loose this opportinuty, message me or call me rigth now. >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Horny 22 year old
    Date: Jul/16/2019 18:31
    Age: 22
    City: London
    Height: 5'8 ft / 172cm

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  • Looking to escort/meet up
    Date: Jul/16/2019 16:08
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'0 ft / 183cm

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  • Please you all the way
    Date: Jul/15/2019 13:36
    Age: 24
    City: Plymouth
    Height: 5'10 ft / 177cm
    Cock size: 9.8in / 25cm

    I am 24 slim smooth nice smooth tight ass and I am 9” hung. I am horny all the time and looking for a guy that can help me in a very stressful and frustrating time for me and I will please you in return. Happy to be committed to one guy for an amazing price. I love to try new things and explore. I am happy to play the boyfriend if that’s what you wish. Message me on whatsapp it will be the easiest and quickest way to get a response from me >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Escort
    Date: Jul/13/2019 18:14
    Age: 23
    City: London
    Height: 5'9 ft / 175cm
    Cock size: 7.5in / 19cm

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  • Ssx
    Date: Jul/12/2019 14:21
    Age: 57
    City: london
    Weight: 13st 8st / 86.2kg
    Height: 5'10 ft / 177cm
    Cock size: 7.1in / 18cm


    Anyone interested in going with a 57 year old Daddy.Im looking for 19-22 lads who want a bit of older. I can travel and accommodate. Not worried about body but must have a handsome face.

    All colours, nationalities welcum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hey guys
    Date: Jul/10/2019 19:23
    Age: 22
    City: Stoke-on-Trent
    Height: 6'2 ft / 188cm
    Cock size: 7.5in / 19cm

    Hey there guys, fun loving bubbly ts here offering my company and great personality for anybody that would like to make some memories and have fun doing so >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Looking for flatmate
    Date: Jul/09/2019 23:15
    Age: 25
    City: London
    Height: 5'11 ft / 180cm
    Cock size: 5.5in / 14cm

    Hello fellow ESCORT boys, if anyone's interested in sharing an apartment in London zone 1-2 to live and also receive clients there, please text me at +447564100459
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  • Need new images?
    Date: Jul/09/2019 18:47
    City: London

    For whatever your needs friendly professional discreet photographer for guys looking to get great images in a relaxed private atmosphere with no time constraints.
    20 minutes from central London.
    Clothed, fetish, underwear, nude or implied your choice for your use only.

    Very reasonable rates and fast turnaround.

    Sincere replies only please as genuinely only interested in obtaining quality images with no ulterior motive. Images of my work will be forwarded to those seriously interested.
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  • fun?
    Date: Jul/06/2019 14:38
    Age: 18
    City: worcester
    Height: 6'2 ft / 188cm
    Cock size: 6.3in / 16cm

    im up for whatever, videochats, pictures, dirty panties?

  • Mature guy (59) offers free service
    Date: Jul/05/2019 09:41
    Age: 59
    City: Exmouth
    Weight: 12st 11st / 81.2kg
    Height: 5'10 ft / 177cm
    Cock size: 2.4in / 6cm

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  • Cute_AsianBabyboy20
    Date: Jul/03/2019 12:43
    Age: 20
    City: Cebu City
    Height: 5'7 ft / 170cm
    Cock size: 5.9in / 15cm

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  • Photographer wanted - willing to trade services
    Date: Jul/01/2019 20:02
    Age: 56
    City: London
    Height: 5'10 ft / 177cm
    Cock size: 6.3in / 16cm

    I'm looking for a photographer - ny time/services fpr your pics

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  • Re Meet
    Date: Jul/01/2019 09:24
    Age: 76
    City: Welshpool
    Height: 5'11 ft / 180cm

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  • Forced sex - Rape - Unhibited use
    Date: Jun/29/2019 09:23
    Age: 29
    City: London
    Weight: 11st 5st / 72.1kg
    Height: 5'11 ft / 180cm

    Any lads looking for a sub lad they could strip off outdoor, use him and watch others to humiliate him in any possible way? Bottom 29 London

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  • Cam show with my partner
    Date: Jun/26/2019 19:35
    Age: 20
    City: England
    Height: 5'9 ft / 175cm
    Cock size: 7.1in / 18cm

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  • Oral relief
    Date: Jun/26/2019 13:36
    Age: 69
    City: Chesire
    Weight: 14st 14st / 95.3kg
    Height: 5'10 ft / 177cm
    Cock size: 7.9in / 20cm

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  • Horny af
    Date: Jun/25/2019 01:00
    Age: 26
    City: London
    Height: 5'11 ft / 181cm
    Cock size: 6.7in / 17cm

    Hey babes
    I’m very horny ready to fuck
    Also get fucked and open minded
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  • Bisexual Escort
    Date: Jun/24/2019 20:45
    Age: 20
    City: london
    Height: 6'1 ft / 186cm
    Cock size: 7.9in / 20cm


    My name is Lewis, I am a 20 years old university student, London born and raised.
    I’m very mature, outgoing, fun and educated. Love having fun and experimenting new things with like minded generous guys.
    Very keen to please you and all the fantasies you have, get in touch for more. whatsapp me 07950343978
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  • What is the best HGH Therapy Clinic in USA?
    Date: Jun/24/2019 14:01
    Age: 38
    City: New York
    Weight: 21st 4st / 135.2kg
    Height: 6'10 ft / 209cm
    Cock size: 11.4in / 29cm

    I am 64 years old generally in Good health,Gymming daily for 40 mins. I am type 2 Diabetic,maintain a good diet etc. Since last year I am totally impotent and now Viagra also does not help much. I have been advised by one Doctor to use Testosterone Gel and HGH injection. The other doctor told me to go in for Testosterone injection . I am a bit confused and scared to try these options.
    So I would like the opinions of Good samaritans who have practical experience with any of the above treatment? Does someone try
    href=>Missouri City Anti Aging Clinic? Secondly what precautions and side effects I can expect from this line of action.
    Please serious advisors will be appreciated .
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