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  • Barely Legal Twink Porn Model For Hire (+447552840634??)
    Date: Jan/20/2019 16:58
    Age: 18
    City: London
    Height: 5'5 ft / 165cm
    Cock size: 5.5in / 14cm

    Based near London area, but frequently appear in central and home counties too. Willing to travel (open to negotiation).

    Very open-minded and versatile. Seeking daddy figures primarily, but always open to new things!

    Reachable via text, Whatsapp, email and internal site messaging.

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  • Dates
    Date: Jan/20/2019 11:31
    Age: 19
    City: London
    Height: 5'6 ft / 168cm
    Cock size: 5.9in / 15cm

    WhatsApp - 07415052617
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  • temporary email
    Date: Jan/20/2019 09:03
    Age: 27
    City: Carthage
    Weight: 21st 14st / 139.7kg
    Height: 6'4 ft / 194cm
    Cock size: 3.1in / 8cm

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  • магазин гидра саратов
    Date: Jan/20/2019 09:02
    Age: 33
    City: Algiers
    Weight: 11st 11st / 74.8kg
    Height: 5'3 ft / 160cm
    Cock size: 3.5in / 9cm

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  • Escort available
    Date: Jan/18/2019 12:46
    Age: 19
    City: London
    Height: 6'1 ft / 185cm
    Cock size: 7.1in / 18cm

    Drop me a message I’m around and waiting for your call >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • House boy wanted
    Date: Jan/10/2019 09:20
    Age: 30
    City: Bungay

    House boy wanted. Must be a dog lover. General duties including cooking, cleaning etc.
    May be live in. Fun offered and must be open minded.
    Other duties to help when I host.
    Age up to
    References needed
    Interviews in Bungay >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Willing to travel
    Date: Jan/08/2019 22:49
    Age: 20
    City: Cebu
    Height: 5'7 ft / 171cm
    Cock size: 5.5in / 14cm

    Filipinos have been described as friendly, outgoing, easily offended, nosy, garrulous, direct, hospitable, feisty, irreverent, good natured, clever, witty, gregarious, happy, generous, easy to laugh, gracious, easy to befriend, casual, fun loving, sensitive and hospitable. >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • looking for someone to shag me
    Date: Jan/06/2019 15:02
    Age: 80
    City: London
    Height: 5'10 ft / 178cm
    Cock size: 5.9in / 15cm

    Hi, I`m getting on a bit in years, but still interested in sex. Want to be penetrated and possibly
    spanked. In calls only Finchley >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • 7427873976
    Date: Dec/29/2018 19:27
    Age: 20
    City: London
    Height: 5'10 ft / 179cm
    Cock size: 7.1in / 18cm

    Contact me via whatsapp, say your name and add a picture of yourself first. thank you. >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Traveling
    Date: Dec/23/2018 23:49
    Age: 19
    City: London and anywhere else the world !
    Height: 5'6 ft / 167cm
    Cock size: 6.7in / 17cm

    Hey! Are you looking to have crazy weekend together or nice adventures traveling?! I would like to go with you and have fun ! Especially i want somewhere on warm islands like maldives >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Horny fun
    Date: Dec/23/2018 13:14
    Age: 23
    City: Liverpool
    Height: 5'10 ft / 178cm
    Cock size: 7.1in / 18cm


    Will do whatever people want. Sub bottom here for all your needs. Local outcalls only >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Free Phone Sex (your call)
    Date: Dec/23/2018 11:41

    Gay young actor 24. (but can play any legal age you like)
    Experienced in role play
    Any role (no very extreme S/M)
    Romantic or Raunchy
    Karing or Kinky
    Top or Bottom
    No illegal underage
    Tell me what you want me t be and I will make you cum
    Phone me and get your rocks off
    Email me with your desires and I will arrnage a time and give you my number so you can call me.
    Satisfaction guarenteed.
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  • Head
    Date: Dec/22/2018 11:41
    Age: 31
    City: Reading
    Height: 5'8 ft / 172cm
    Cock size: 7.5in / 19cm

    I’m hot. Looking for head. Come over and suck me. >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Service provider
    Date: Dec/19/2018 15:26
    Age: 22
    City: London
    Height: 5'8 ft / 173cm
    Cock size: 8.3in / 21cm

    Big booty guy who loves providing oral services to men among other things. I do personal dates and accompaniments as well to provide the full boyfriend experience. Call or Text me 07748006587 >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • for fans lick and suck self their toes
    Date: Dec/12/2018 12:50
    Age: 41
    City: Kabul
    Weight: 19st 13st / 126.6kg
    Height: 5'2 ft / 158cm
    Cock size: 10.2in / 26cm

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  • Looking for fit lads to video stripping and jacking
    Date: Dec/08/2018 17:52
    City: Brighton

    I love to video fit guys (20-35) getting off alone or being serviced by me.
    Videos are just for my own personal entertainment.

    I am also looking for good looking lads (20-35) to photograph from fully clothed to underwear only.

    If you are interested get in touch and I will send you link to my web page with more info.

    I am based in Brighton area. Hope to hear from you soon ;-) >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • NOW
    Date: Dec/03/2018 21:01
    City: Aberdeen
    Height: 5'8 ft / 173cm
    Cock size: 2.8in / 7cm

    Hi Lads

    Available now, Escort here waiting.
    In Aberdeen until Wednesday night.

    Please see profile.
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  • walk with us
    Date: Nov/20/2018 00:00

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  • Looking for fun & more
    Date: Nov/13/2018 02:04
    Age: 28
    City: London
    Height: 6'0 ft / 182cm
    Cock size: 9.8in / 25cm

    I offer escorting services but I’m happy to have some sleazy wild fun with the right person/s. >> REPLY NOW! <<

  • Leaving without paying
    Date: Nov/10/2018 11:16
    Age: 27
    City: North west

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  • Paradise Sex Party - Thu 15 Nov - Newport 2pm
    Date: Nov/08/2018 23:19
    Age: 40
    City: Newport
    Height: 5'9 ft / 176cm
    Cock size: 7.9in / 20cm

    Porn Star Jack Pierce presents - Paradise Sex Party - Push your limits!

    Thu 15 Nov at 2pm in Newport, Wales

    Your hosts are:
    Jack Pierce ( and
    Joe Galea (

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  • vpncbc
    Date: Nov/07/2018 09:05
    Age: 27
    Weight: 19st 10st / 125.2kg
    Height: 6'9 ft / 206cm
    Cock size: 11.8in / 30cm

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  • 21 year old vers
    Date: Nov/01/2018 09:25
    Age: 20
    City: London
    Height: 5'9 ft / 176cm
    Cock size: 7.1in / 18cm

    I'm an open minded guy.
    I'm available for outcalls only.

    text me on whatsapp 07711791715 ,
    I'll give you an experience you won't forget

    Looking foward to hear from you soon
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  • Latest install
    Date: Oct/30/2018 16:16
    Age: 37
    Weight: 7st 2st / 45.4kg
    Height: 4'9 ft / 145cm
    Cock size: 14.6in / 37cm

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  • New offers
    Date: Oct/27/2018 20:32
    Age: 23
    City: Ammanford
    Height: 5'9 ft / 175cm
    Cock size: 6.3in / 16cm

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  • I'm bottom male here to cater for ur ever need
    Date: Oct/27/2018 14:47
    Age: 29
    City: CHORLEY
    Height: 5'10 ft / 178cm
    Cock size: 4.7in / 12cm

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  • hi
    Date: Oct/25/2018 21:53
    City: barnsley

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