Amazing Oral Sex Tips

Oral sex, blowjobs, sucking off, fellatio – so many names for the same thing and describing so many different techniques. But ultimately, they all mean the same thing, although that doesn’t mean that you always have to do the same thing!

If you are looking for a hook up to meet a guy to give or receive an amazing blow job then post a gay personal on today. Read below for some amazing oral sex tips to make your meetup the best it can be. Continue…

How to Have a Great Gay Threesome Experience

There are many misconceptions about having a gay threesome but it is something that many men want to try or have at the very least fantasised about. Whether you are in a great relationship and just want to add an extra dimension to you sex life or if you are simply curious to see what having a threesome feels like then now is a great time to try.

Gay Hook Up Site for Threesomes

If you are looking for a third person for your threesome, or to join another couple then you can post a personal on to find the perfect match for your gay sex needs. Continue…

Gay Escorts and Hook Ups are So Much Better Than Porn

Gay Porn is amazing it can turn us on, let us have a quick wank or let us explore our gay sex fantasies, but can it really replace the hot, steamy and horny attention received by a real, hot and sexy gay man. The best place to find a gay hook up or a sexy gay escort is to post a gay personal on www.GayScene.Org now.

Find Gay Hook Ups On a Gay Message Board

When it comes to your innermost desires, two of the best ways to live out these fantasies are by watching porn or finding a gorgeous gay man to play them out with in real life. Both methods have advantages to them, and both boast beneficial effects which can better our lives, but which one of these options comes out on top? Continue…

Exploring Your Sexuality on a Gay Message Board

Whatever age you are, whether you are out, in, don’t care, just curious – in fact at whatever stage you decide you are at in exploring your sexuality it is important that you get the time, space and support to find out who you really are and more importantly what you really like. A gay message board like is the perfect place to explore with likeminded people.

How to explore your Gay Sexuality

One of the main problems with exploring any kind of sexuality be that whether you are gay, straight, bi or whether it is exploring different sexual fetishes or preferences is that finding someone who likes what you like or who is willing to explore with your is often very difficult. Continue…

Find a Gay Spring Fling on a Gay Message Board

Spring is a great time to have a rethink and a refresh about what you want the rest of your year to look like! Great gay sex is so important to a fulfilled and satisfied life that casual gay sex has become a great way to have your desires and perhaps fantasies fulfilled we a series of casual partners. This works well for many gay men for a variety of reasons.

Spring is a Great Time for Casual Gay Sex

One of the main reasons casual sex works so well is that modern life is busy and complex relationships take up too much time when all gay men really want is great uncomplicated gay sex and then continue with their own day to day lives. That is not to say of course that gay men don’t want fulfilling romantic or companion relationships it is just that casual gay sex is convenient for many men until they are ready to start looking for a more serious partner. Continue…

How To Keep Your Cock Harder for Longer

Finding a kindred spirit on the best gay sex forum is quite easy, you post your sexy personal detailing what you are looking for and then wait for a reply. Once you have found the guy you want to play with then you just have to make a date and then keep the excitement in check before you get there. But if you are looking forward to some really exciting kinky, sexy fun then you don’t want it to be over too soon.

Keeping Your Cock Hard Tips

Keeping hard and excited is a challenge as if you are meeting for some kinky gay sex you have probably been aroused all day waiting for the experience, but you don’t want to blow too soon once it starts. So, to help, here are some great tips on keeping you harder for longer so you can full appreciate the sexy experience you are about to have: Continue…

How to Enjoy More Great Gay Sex This Year

Sex is an important part of life and if you are unfulfilled sexually, your life will seem like it is lacking something or that you are missing out. The end of one year and the start of another is a great time to take a look at what you like and don’t like about how your life is currently going. One of the biggest changes people always try and make in any new year is to have more sex, more meaningful sex or just more adventurous sex.

Gay Sex on a Gay Forum

GayScene.Org is an online forum for gay men to find exactly what they are looking for, you can post a personal for free and see who replies! If one of your goals this year is to have more gay sex then here are a few ideas of what you can do to achieve that: Continue…

Gay Sex Questions You Always Wanted to Ask

A gay message board is a great way to not only find hot, sexy, partners but also you can ask questions and get answers to those sex questions you always wanted to know.

Advice on Gay Message Boards

Gay message boards and gay forums are great places to ask for advice and then indulging in a little of what you have been fantasising about. Have you been watching gay porn and seen something that you like that your partner or regular sex partners don’t want to try with you. It can be a common problem, or do you just want to ask a question about something you are not sure of – then posting a personal to find someone with that experience is the way to go. Continue…

Finding a Gay Bear Online

Rugged masculinity, hairy large sexy men – does that sound like the type of man you want to meet? Well if so, and you love a gay bear we are going to have a look at how you can meet your perfect gay bear match online.

What is a Gay Bear?

Normally a Gay Bear is an older man (younger ‘bears’ are often called cubs!) large and often heavy in stature (but could also pack muscle) and with a belly of various sizes. With lots of body and often facial hair gay bears have a masculine bearing but are often playful. There are a few sub genres of the Gay Bear, that include a Muscle Bear – a bear who is heavy set with toned muscle but fits the bear description in all other ways, a Polar Bear, this is a older bear with grey or white facial/body hair and a Sugar Bear, seen as an effeminate bear. Continue…

Would Giving Up Porn Help Your Sex Life

Everyone loves gay porn, there is not a red-blooded gay man out there who has not seen, read, or looked at some gay porn to enjoy when he is on his own. There is some really great gay porn out there, and there is some really trashy low-quality stuff too! But you like what you like and for most men just being able to get their hands on some dirty porn, with some handsome guys on just to have a wank to is all they need, and for the most part that is totally fine.

Availability of Gay Porn

The internet has a million (and more) ways to watch gay porn, view porn images and read gay stories so accessibility to this is no longer an issue. However, of you are watching gay porn to replace sex, watching too much gay porn or think that gay porn in any way resembles real life gay sex then you could be harming your sex life by watching it too much. Continue…