Do You Have Any Gay Sex New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year often feels like a fresh start and a chance to do things in a new way and if your sex life has been less that amazing recently then a revamp on that aspect of your life is well overdue.

The best way to start with getting great gay sex back into your life on a regular basis is to post a gay personal on

Better Gay Sex in 2023

Have you made any gay sex resolutions? So, it’s a good idea to make some festive resolutions which you will see some benefit from instantly – these prompt results, of course, help you to keep the resolutions which you might need to work at a little more on track – and what better way to commence this than by endeavouring to spice up your Gay Sex life? Continue…

Find a Spanking Friend Online

Being more open about your sexual fantasies and needs is always a good thing and offers a quick, easy and free way to find guys who have the same kinks as you!

Spanking fetishes are well known, and many men love the feel of a good thwack to get them nice and horny. Whether you want to give the spanking or receive the spanking there will be guys out there who are willing to pleasure you. It is vital to know exactly what it is that you want from your spanking experience.

Gay Escort Spanking

For example, you may desire to be punished by someone who is dominant over you, and you’re receiving such punishment is an aspect of your requirement of being spanked? On the other hand, you might like to try your hand at role-play – and you may like to be the person who administers the spanking, rather than the receiver? Continue…

Finding Gay Satisfaction in Birmingham

If you are heading to the Midlands, then being gay in Birmingham is certainly fun – this happening city is the home of some of the very best gay bars and clubs in the UK! Here we will cover some the hottest nightspots within the city, so whether you are a frequent visitor – or this is your first time here – you should locate what you’re looking for within this wholesome city.

Online Gay Hook Up Birmingham

To find a gay partner, escort or sex adventure in Birmingham post your gay personal for free right now on Continue…

Sexy Valentines Plans Using a Gay Hook Up Site

Valentines Day is a polarising day of the year that makes most of us re-evaluate our personal relationships and can include everything from romantic relationships, long term partners, friends with benefits, our sex life or simply just our friends. This can be great as if we are excited and very happy with the relationships (whatever they are) we have, or a time to try something different if our relationships are not what we want them to be.

Everyone wants to have better gay sex and improve any relationships they have so we have compiled some ideas for you to let 2023 be the year that you embrace, and enjoy Feb 14th, and perhaps find something or someone new!

Valentine’s Gay Hook Up

The best way to find a gay hook up for Valentines or any other day is by posting your gay personal on

This quick list of ideas to have a steamy, sexy Valentines Day is meant for single men, although couples may be able to adapt the ideas too! Continue…

Get Your Christmas List Delivered on GayScene.Org

This Christmas, instead of writing to Santa for your festive with list, put it out there on a gay message board like

Have a Merry Christmas This Year

First question is always – why make requests on a gay message board? The answer is simple; it’s all about seeking out like-minded gay people who might share your thoughts. A message board is a safe online space to share your innermost fantasies and you can be certain that fellow members are not going to be shocked by your requests – however risqué they are. Continue…

How to Write your Gay Personal

In theory, writing your Gay Personal Ad should be quick and painless; just write a little about yourself and what you are looking for and you’re done. In reality, how you fill out the ad can have dramatically different results. Not everyone wants the same thing, and all those subtle little differences are what people subconsciously and consciously pick up on and react to.

Tips for Posting a Gay Personal

Here are some tips for how to advertise yourself in the most truthful and effective manner possible. Then, all that is left to do is enjoy the attention that comes your way. Continue…

Netflix and Chill with a Sexy Gay Man

In winter, the idea of cosying up with a hot man and just chilling at home sounds amazing. And if you get bored of watching TV, then you can always turn to each other for some kinky, sexy fun ways to keep warm. Whatever type of companionship you are looking for, a friend to watch great gay movies or a kinky gay sex partner post your gay personal on and find exactly what you are looking for.

As the nights get darker and the days colder there is nothing better than keeping warm and relaxing with a cool beer watching a great gay movie. Here are some of the best gay movies which will not fail to keep the chill away and keep your winter evenings hot! Continue…

Shorthand to Use Online when Seeking a Gay Man

The internet is ideal for finding other guys to hook up with, whether you’re looking for casual sex, or maybe something a little more serious, then you have a very good chance of finding your Mr Right online.

Finding a Gay Man for Sex Online

That said, one of the most common mistakes many men make is not describing exactly what they’re looking for. There are many varying terms and definitions in use regarding the kind of man you’re seeking, and the more descriptive you are – and sure of just what you are looking for – then you reduce the possibility of experiencing some potentially embarrassing meet-ups.

You can use the definitions and shorthand in the gay personals you use on Continue…

Great Fetish Parties to Visit

If you love fetish sex and want to go to a party, you might have more fun if you take someone with you. One of the best places to find someone to go with you is a gay forum. is an online gay forum where you can post your gay personal and see who likes what you like.

Gay Personals Online

You need to be open and honest about your kinks and wishes – so you can be clear and concise in your gay personal about what you are looking for a what your limits are. The sexy guy who replies to your personal will also have boundaries of what is acceptable, so make sure you clarify exactly what type of fetish or play you would want between you so there are no misunderstandings on the night. Continue…