Everything You Need To Know to Organise Gay Threesome on a Hookup Site

There are many misconceptions about having a gay threesome but it is something that many men want to try or have at the very least fantasised about. Whether you are in a great relationship and just want to add an extra dimension to you sex life or if you are simply curious to see what having a threesome feels like, then now is a great time to try. One of the complications of a threesome is finding the two or three guys that you are going to have this sexual adventure with. Continue…

Should you video call before meeting your gay hookup?

Ok, so, you’ve found a hot guy on gayscene.org and you’ve been chatting about your hook up, and what you both want to get from it. You want to meet up, but one of you suggests a video call first, what do you do? It’s a dilemma lots face, so lets dive into this and look at the pro’s and con’s of having a video chat before a gay hookup to help you make the right choice.

To video call or not to video call, that is the question!

In the world of online hookups, especially within the gay community, the decision to have a video call with someone you’ve met on a hookup website before meeting in person is a nuanced choice. This dilemma requires a dive into the pros and cons, considering both the potential benefits and drawbacks unique to the experiences of gay men navigating the complex terrain of online connections. It’s a toughie, so strap yourself in, no, not in a kink way 😉 Continue…

Jock straps, love them or hate them?

Ok, we’ve all been at a club night or event or munch and there’s been a hot guy in a jack strap, question is, was it doing it for you? Are you one of the many, many gay guys just there that can’t get enough of hot guys in jock straps, or, are they a huge turn off for you?

Gay fascination with jock straps

In the rich tapestry of gay culture, certain elements emerge as symbols of desire and fascination, and among them, the jock strap stands out as an iconic garment that has captured the imagination of many. Understanding the allure of jock straps requires delving into the fabric of attraction, exploring the cultural, visual, and psychological factors that contribute to the widespread appeal within the gay community. Lets look more closely at why we love jock straps. Continue…

Always be truthful on your profile – You’ll thank us later

We’ve all been there, your horny, looking for some action and you start creating a profile or request for a hot gay hookup. You want meet up with some hot guys for some amazing sex, but, you’re worried about being rejected or not getting picked up and so you start fibbing on your profile. Maybe you exaggerate your cock size, maybe you lie about your experience or your age. We’re here to tell you, you don’t need to do that, and what’s best in the long run that you don’t. You can find a hot gay hookup online without making things up on your profile, and here’s how and why. Continue…

Gay Friendly Vacation Hotspots for 2024

With an array of destinations offering amazing cultural experiences, beautiful landscapes, and inclusive attitudes, the world has never been more open to the gay community.

From the serene landscapes of New Zealand to the bubbling streets of Mexico, we’ve put together a quick guide to some of the best holiday destinations for those seeking adventure, relaxation, and a warm, friendly welcome.

New Zealand

No surprises here – New Zealand has long been celebrated for its progressive attitudes and breathtaking landscapes.

For LGBT travellers, it’s a haven of acceptance and stunning natural beauty. Cities like Wellington and Auckland are home to thriving gay scenes, with numerous bars, clubs, and events catering specifically to the LGBT community. Continue…

The Top Five Gay Clubs and Venues to Visit if Travelling to Berlin in 2024

Ok, it’s the time to make travel plans for 2024, and if you’re looking for a great gay hook up weekend then look no further than Berlin baby! Whether you already have a hot guy with you, want an amazing weekend away with your kinky gay escort, or, your looking to hook up whilst your out in Germany, this list of top Berlin gay venues is a great place to start your planning.

Why We Love Gay Berlin

Berlin, renowned for its vibrant LGBTQ+ scene, stands as a welcoming haven for gay travellers from all corners of the globe. As one of Europe’s gay capitals, the city boasts an amazing array of nightclubs, bars, and venues that cater to a diverse range of tastes. For gay British travellers seeking an unforgettable vacation in Germany, here are the top five gay venues in Berlin that promise you a fantastic, all out gay experience. Continue…

Can a cock be too big for gay sex?

Ok, we’ve all had the huge cock fantasies right? We all want a guys with a big hard dick that’s amazing in bed and knows how to hit all the rights spots with it. But if you’re browsing through online profiles looking for gay hook up, and you’re seeing all these big cocks on display, have you ever thought, you know what? That’s just to huge for my ass, that things is gonna hurt!

When it comes to the world of gay hookups or even when hiring a gay escort, cock size is a topic that often sparks curiosity and discussion. The question of whether a penis can be “too big” for gay sex is subjective and varies among individuals. In reality, the notion of a “perfect” cock size is a myth, and the emphasis should be on communication, comfort, and mutual satisfaction. Continue…

Outdoor sex is back in a big way in 2024

Lets be honest, right now, it’s the middle of winter, its cold, dark and damp, so you’re probably not thinking about a hot gay hookup and some spicy outdoor sex, right now you’re thinking about a hook up in a hot and steamy sauna, or a lux hotel room. However, 2024 is gong to be the year of hot outdoor gay sex, so grab your diaries and get planning for some wild outdoor gay sex in 2024

Why Outdoors?

Outdoor sex, often considered a thrilling gay sex experience, it offers a unique blend of adventure, intimacy, and a connection with nature. So, we’re going to delve into the reasons why outdoor sex can be a fun kink experience for gay men and offer some do’s and don’ts, as well as suggestions for the perfect romantic locations you and your gay hookup partner can go to for some wild outdoor sex. Continue…

Avoid Porn Sex and Have Great Real Sex Today

In the digital age of absolutely everything being easily available to watch and download, it takes incredibly little effort to scout out the porn that turns you on. Amateur, fetish, twink, bear, BDSM – it’s all out there for you to watch at your whim.

But where porn has become the work of a moment to source, it’s important to remember that it is only pornography – the medium by which arousal and orgasms are induced (that sounds clinical, but it really isn’t!). Porn is not some pseudo-Joy Of Sex manual either, and that’s important to remember. Continue…

Finding Gay Fun in Bristol

Bristol is an incredible city and is very gay friendly. With so many great gay locations it is no wonder many gay men live or visit in this lovely part of the UK. From great shops, restaurants and bars to hot gay lads, gay friendly pubs and bars along with a good number of fun festivals and events (including gay ones) that happen around the year you can see why so many gay men love it here.

Gay Bristol

To find gay men in Bristol put your Bristol gay personal on www.GayScene.Org to find someone who is into what you are!

Here are a few fun and sexy ideas when spending time in Bristol: Continue…