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Seek top with beautiful feet soles to sniff all the time and submit to
Name: Mark
Date: Jan/09/2019 13:04
City: London and Oxford
Country: United Kingdom

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FEET soles are everything. Your Master’s FEET. Their smell. Their power on my slave face.I always want to sniff and kiss them. I want the smell, your smell. Just love your FEET. Just NEED FEET.
I can’t help it. Feet is submission. If I am a slave, I love feet. Foot worship is so hot. Feeling the smell of my alpha man in my nose, on my head. The smell of feet goes directly in my head and makes me weaker, more and more vulnerable,submissive, subservient, more and more obedient,controlled, relaxed, protected,enslaved. Feet are so strong. Feet can be better than cock. Good servants like me spend hours sniffing feet. Because it’s so good. Because that’s what Master like. And I am Master’s property. I want to satisfy Master. I want to smell Master. You want to taste Master. Taste Master Feet. Submit to feet. XX