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Hire me as a qualified employee and then use for sexual favours
Name: Tim
Date: May/13/2019 17:04
Age: 30
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Height: 5'10 ft / 178cm

I would love to get employed by someone in a higher managerial position, male, discreet or not, sexual preferences not important. This is not an escort arrangement.

I get off on the idea of having to make sexual favours for my boss at work, and other ‘sexual workplace harassment’. I’d love to work for someone equally excited about the idea and equally eager to ‘harass’ me from time to time, obviously secretly.

Open to explore various options. My current experience is mainly in qualitative research, investments, consultancy, but nothing quantitative or having to do with math (except excel). Open to career pivots, education, and on-the-job learning.