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Satyr seeks another
Name: Caleb
Date: Feb/12/2020 23:50
Age: 26
City: Beckenham
Country: United Kingdom
Height: 5'6 ft / 168cm
Cock size: 7.1in / 18cm

Am young, fit, slightly feminine, insatiable, slutty and always in the mood even when I'm not. Boundaries are meant to be tested, not broken, understanding is not a prerequisite of cooperation. A clever quick mind will turn me on as much if not more than a handsome face and good body.

Be confident, be polite, be kind, be filthy, be genuine, be honest. In other words don't be a dick!

Take control as a man knowing that I am my own.

Do those things and I'll satisfy your desires.

100% bareback bottom (rimming, FF, WS, sounding)

WhatsApp 07801429806