Using a Gay Personals Site

Using a Gay Personals Site

When you join up to one of the many websites and message boards that allow you find potential gay sex partners online, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help increase your chances in finding a partner who is compatible with your needs. When you create your online profile, always be honest about your appearance, and age. It’s worth mentioning whether you are willing to travel or if you desire people to come to you.

  • What are your long-term goals?
  • Are you looking for a guy to have casual fun with?
  • Are you looking for the potential love of your life?
  • Do you have a fetish you want to try?

Either way, the emphasis has to be on honesty. When you hear horror stories of people meeting online, it always comes as a result of lack of honesty, they simply don’t live up to the expectations of the other person.

Any Fetishes or Kinks?

If you have any fetishes or kinks, and are looking for someone congruent with them, then make sure that this is included on your profile. When approaching people for the first time online, you need to treat it as you would if you were face-to-face – you wouldn’t just walk up to someone in a bar and say, ”Hey, let’s have sex!” (or maybe you would?!), but realistically this technique doesn’t have a great success rate. You have to get to know the basics first; if you are both seeking similar things, for the same reasons; do you live close to one another?

If not, are you both prepared to travel?

Are there any shared common interests besides sex? Sex is great, but you need more than just that if you’re looking for something other than a fuck-buddy.
Many of these websites also have reward systems, whereby members can earn badges – these items are often a good indication of how willing people are to communicate. When meeting anyone offline, it’s always advisable to meet somewhere public the first time, and go for drinks or perhaps a nice meal; you may prefer to have the option for you to go on somewhere you can be somewhat deviant available, so it’s good to have a plan which isn’t set in stone, just in case the person you end up meeting isn’t quite what they claimed to be online.
Posting your needs or desires on a site like will ensure your personal is seen by many different types of people including the hottest of Gay escorts ready to fulfil your needs.
When online, utilise all the regular ice-breakers that you would normally use if you were to meet someone at a bar. Find your common interests, and build from there. Don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t work the first time. The internet is a wonderful place – and a huge one at that – your ideal man is out there for you to meet, and sometimes that ideal isn’t quite where you think you’ll find him, so take a look about, and get yourself out there – there’s nothing to lose; you’ll have fun while learning about some of the best ways to meet guys online.

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