Outdoor Fun

Summer is upon us, and the sun is now shining! Now is the time, perhaps, to start thinking about moving your bedtime fun to a different location; outdoor sex is a wonderful thing. Whether with a long-time partner or with someone you may have met online, outdoor sex is something everyone should try, and it’s certainly better when the outside environment is dry and warm, Simply put – airing the parts of your body which don’t normally get to experience the fresh air can rather exhilarating, and the warmth of the sun shining down on your body is hot – in more ways than one!

Outdoor Sex is Exciting

Outdoor fun is a full-on sensory experience which can be enjoyed by everyone. Not only does it fulfil our primal urges, taking us back to nature, but it can add lots of lustful excitement. Depending on what your full intentions are can determine where you should choose to partake in such activities.  If you are planning to make a day of it, and letting things unfold in their natural way, taking your time to fully enjoy the outdoors with a lover, then you should be looking for somewhere which is very quiet, out of the way with no chance of being disturbed and also easy on the eye.

Be Comfortable

Don’t forget to take a blanket and cushions, to make things super comfortable, plus some sunscreen; those areas which don’t see the light of day that often can soon trap the sun, so don’t get caught out, otherwise you may experience another type of “tender moment” in the following days!

Where to have Outdoor Sex

Apart from all of the benefits of having some outside fun with a lover, there is also the added psychological turn-on of running the risk of being discovered; this all adds to the excitement. You are never quite in full control of the situation – you don’t know who might walk by – and you never know; they may just keep walking, but alternatively, maybe watching is their thing; either way, all the potential possibilities certainly enhance the experience. As titillating as this sounds the safe option is always to be somewhere very secluded and away from the eyes of others.

Practical Steps

There are certain precautions, however, which you can take which make outdoor play easier. Think about your clothes – wear items which are easy to get and off. Think about sexual positions – some are easier to maintain when leaning against a wall, or maybe on all fours; these aspects should be taken into consideration when selecting your environment.

Certain kinds of foreplay are easy to incorporate discreetly – to the point where you may get caught out, but the other person would be none the wiser regarding what you are up to. With a little careful planning and a bit of structure, outdoor fun at this time of year is the perfect way to celebrate and get out in the sunshine!

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