The Definitions Used When Seeking A Gay Man!

The internet is ideal for finding other guys to hook up with, whether you’re looking for casual sex, or maybe something a little more serious, then you have a very good chance of finding your Mr Right online.

Finding a Gay Man for Sex Online

That said, one of the most common mistakes many men make is not describing exactly what they’re looking for. There are many varying terms and definitions in use regarding the kind of man you’re seeking, and the more descriptive you are – and sure of just what you are looking for – then you reduce the possibility of experiencing some potentially embarrassing meet-ups.

A Guide to Gay Men Definitions

So in this guide, we’ll share some of the most common terms used online, and their definitions, so you can avoid the mishaps, and never slip up!

Bear – If a guy is a bear, then they tend to be on the heavier side, often hairy and can be older. These guys tend to lean towards having beards and hairy backs!

Bottom – If a guy is a ”bottom”, or looking for a ”bottom” then he is a guy who prefers receiving anal sex.

Cub – A cub is just like a Bear, except (of course!) cubs tend to be younger.

Daddy – If you are seeking a Daddy, then you’re looking for a man who is financially secure and who works in an established profession. Usually an older more dominant, experienced man.

Discreet – If a man is discreet, then they are not openly gay – especially when it comes to sexual partners. These men will have their reasons, and if you want to date a discreet guy, then it’s best to respect their privacy.

Dominant – Men who like to play a little more assertively, or aggressively, are referred to as the dominant partner.

Geek – This term tends to mean exactly what it means outside of the gay male definitions! Geeks tend to have hobbies – and a vast amount of knowledge surrounding a particular subject which they happen to love.

Hook Up – This simply means, no-strings attached sex.

Jock – Think of all those American Hollywood movies; Jocks tend to be athletic, and take great pride in things like sports, and their appearance.

Kink – To have a kink is to harbour a desire to partake in a sexual activity which may not be looked upon as standard. This term is used to describe fetishes.

Leather Men – Guys who love the look, feel and smell of leather (and who have integrated this love into their sexual play!)

Military – Men who used to serve with the country’s armed forces – and those who are attracted to them.

NSA – This is an abbreviation for “No-Strings Attached”, denoting that you are looking for casual sex.

Otter – If you like your men thin and hairy, then you should be looking for Otters!

Smooth – A man who shaves his body hair.

Submissive – If you like to play a subordinate role when it comes to sex, then you’re a sub; alternately, you might be looking for a submissive if you are a dominant?

Top – If you are a top, then you prefer to be the partner giving, rather than receiving, the anal sex.

Twink – A guy who tends to be young, or young looking, with no – or very little – body hair.

There are others and new, interesting tems pop up all the time, but these are a good place to start.

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