Spanking Fetish, How To Ask For What You Want?

If you have been harbouring a notion that perhaps you have a spanking fetish, you might well need to feel fulfilled; bringing it out into the open, so to speak, and discovering whether or not you are physically and / or emotionally aroused by the act of actually putting it into practice. Whether you want your partner to do it, or alternately if you are attending a specialist event or a club night, or perhaps even hiring the services of an escort, it is vital to know exactly what it is that you want from your spanking experience.

Gay Escort Spanking

For example, you may desire to be punished by someone who is dominant over you, and your receiving such punishment is an aspect of your requirement of being spanked? On the other hand, you might like to try your hand at role-play – and you may like to be the person who administers the spanking, rather than the receiver?

Eiher way, you need to find someone whose own desires are compatible with your fantasy. When it comes to role-play, it’s best to keep things on a light-hearted, jovial level. Don’t over-think it, and just run with it! It can be a lot of fun if you leave any hang-ups behind. If you’ve enjoyed spanking for a while, then you may be wondering about trying out certain toys. There are many spanking toys on the market, and they come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Some are made to supply a hefty “thwack!”, whereas others provide a lighter sensation, it’s up to you and your imagination on how you use them.

Leather whips, crop and paddles tend to be the heaviest, and can range from the size of a hairbrush, to that of a large paddle. Other implements such as rulers, canes and so forth can be used, but these provide a greater impact still, and can cover a larger area – therefore, it is vital that you know just what kind of spanking you’d like, and how it could be administered. Of course, as with every fetish, everyone has to start somewhere; and there’s no finer feeling than the simple sensation of your play-mate’s hand on the back of your thighs and ass. Just make sure you are comfortable and happy, and that you both know where each other’s boundaries fall.

Spanking is like any other kind of impact or bdsm play, so having a safe word, or some other way to communicate if things get too heavy, is a sensible thing to have. This action doesn’t have to have a dramatic effect, stopping all the fun, and ensuring that the scenario comes to a stand-still; just something which safeguards the both of you.

Spanking is a great activity to embark upon if you feel the need or wish to increase both trust, and bonding within a relationship, and is easily incorporated into many bedroom scenes, and so therefore can be enjoyed and experienced using many sexual positions and poses. Combined with a little light bondage and restraint, spanking is both intensely satisfying and highly erotic, an arousing act which will have both you and your partner wanting to partake more and more each time.

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