5 Great Gay Movies for Winter Evenings

As the nights get darker and the days colder there is nothing better than keeping warm and relaxing with a cool beer watching a great gay movie. Here are some of the best gay movies which will not fail to keep the chill away and keep your winter evenings hot!

  1. Nasty Baby

A highly realistic film about a gay couple who enter into an unconventional threesome relationship with their best friend, so they can start a family in downtown Brooklyn. This story is certainly one of ups and downs – and does take a turn for the traumatic, which only adds to the realism of the plot. Nasty Baby triumphed at the “Teddy” awards in 2015, and it isn’t hard to see why – this film will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotion – and plot twists which even the most prescient viewer couldn’t predict.

  1. Lilting

A tale of true love, Lilting takes you on the journey of emotion and failure in a tragic, yet nonetheless amusing, way, making it a perfect choice for a movie night with a loved one – or by yourself. So grab a beer, get the popcorn, and relax with this realistic contemplation on love and loss.

  1. Seashore

A beautifully detailed film about the story of two teenage boys, undertaking a journey of self-discovery, set upon the shores of Brazil. Both of the boys have their own personal issues which they have to work through. This exotic drama will really hit home to many, as it addresses myriad issues, concerns which countless teenage boys are familiar with – yet only the companionship of a true friend can get help them to endure them.

  1. Dressed as A Girl

This UK-based, documentary-style film relates the stories of some of London’s most recognised drag queens – following them over a six-year span of their lives, venturing from the darkest, seediest clubs, to the higher end of showbiz – as well as getting muddy and wet at the Glastonbury festival! This film offers incisive insight into the drag scene of the UK – in an engaging, yet rational way – allowing you a palpable sense of what it would be like to be a drag star in modern day Britain.

  1. Drown

This film is a story about masculinity – and surfers. Set in Sydney, Australia, it follows the lives of a number of waveriders, as they experience jealousy, fear, homophobia – alongside lust, love and happiness. This film really knows how to place the viewer upon an ocean of contrasts, pitching conflicts at you at every turn. This is a tense watch in places, but the storytelling behind this film makes it one of the best gay-oriented movies to hit the screen in the last decade.

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