Does Penis Size Matter? Or is what you do with it that counts?

Most men, at some point in their lives, have suffered hang-ups about the size of their penis; however, it’s really the media which we should be blaming for this, inundating us with portrayals, in adverts, of guys smuggling huge packages below – and apportioning some measure of blame, of course, towards the pornographic industry. Notwithstanding, the reality of it is simply this: that most men pretty much average out with regards to size and girth. Of course, ethnicity also plays a part – as some guys are more naturally predisposed to being somewhat on the larger side, but nevertheless, this doesn’t mean they will perform any better than those who tend to fall under average size and girth.

Gay Sex and Penis Size & Choice

When we are talking about penis size, it can come down to individual preference; some people may like to be overwhelmed with glee by the prospect of unzipping a twelve-inch monster, whereas others would run as quick as they possibly could in the opposite direction! Research has also shown us that those in secure relationships tend to overestimate the size of their lover’s penis, proving that it really does come down to what you do with it – there is far more to great sex than the size of your manhood: “Wham! Bam! Thank you man!” can be all well and good and all that in the heat of the moment, but gay sex, as a whole, is a thoroughly sensory experience.

Gay Sex is always better with a hot Gay Escort and a regular rent boy who knows you well, knows what you like and how you like it will be able to pleasure you much more whatever the size of his penis! Take into account your lover’s touch, smell and taste. Regular casual fucking has much more of a long-term pleasurable effect for both men. Think about foreplay, and then set out to tease, both mentally and physically, as Gay Sex is also highly cerebral. Good sex can sometimes be all in the mind.

Great Gay Sex is so much more than Penis Size

So, never let a shadow of doubt pass your mind that you should feel self-conscious about the size of your cock, as it really is contingent upon other factors. Of course, if it is such a big deal for you, you should keep in mind that there are devices available which can help lengthen your penis – and also those which create vacuums allowing you to increase its girth. Cock rings are a great resource for making your cock harder for longer too, as well as the range of desensitising creams and lotions which enable you to last longer. This is all to make you feel better about yourself, give you more confidence, but if you are spending time with a Gay Escort there is no need to feel self-conscious, they will make you feel at ease and wanted however you look – they are there to make you feel great.

Don’t be intimidated by some of the guys you may see in porn films, they’re in that occupation for a reason, after all… there’s just as much pressure on guys to perform to a certain idealised standard as there is women for to conform to a certain size and guideline for fashion – and what is considered “hot!”; it’s just that you don’t hear about men’s anxieties and concerns quite as frequently –  which is an injustice within itself. However if you do choose a Gay Escort based on cock size alone as that is what you are looking for – there is a filter on SleepyBoy.Com to do just that and find them as big as you like!

Cocks are all shapes and sizes!

If there is one essential bit of advice that I could share with any guy, regarding sex, then it would be this: try and leave all apprehensions at the door – and just go with it. If it feels right to you, and you are enjoying yourself, then relax – and let pleasure take over; don’t overthink things. Sex comes naturally to us all, so cherish what you’ve been given… and use it wisely!

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