The Sexiest Male Accents Around the UK

Head anywhere in the UK and you’ll find a different accent. From the Celtic brogue of the Scots right down to the broad lilt of the Cornish, there are thought to be more than 30 different dialects and accents, each with have their own individual variations. At GayScene.Org we get personal posts from across the UK and beyond so we thought we would take a look at the UK’s hottest accents.

But which is the sexiest and which gets the pulse racing more than any other?

Here’s our list of the sexiest male accents around the UK. While much depends on personal preference and location, there are some that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Southern Irish Blarney

Southern Ireland seems to be a hot bed of sexy male accents and it’s generally the one that comes top of the magazine polls each year. It’s also been noted as the most alluring accent in the world on several occasions, not just in and around the shores of Great Britain. Okay, it’s not strictly the UK, but there are plenty of Southern Irish males living and working in Scotland, England and Wales.

Scottish Lilt

There are a variety of Scottish accents, from the gentle Highland lilt to that broad Glaswegian twang. On the whole, though, a soft Celtic tone matches well with any Southern Irish banter and has been helped by high profile celebrities and film stars such as Sean Connery and more recently Gerard Butler and James McAvoy.

Welsh Brogue

Deep and manly, the Welsh male accent also performs well in the various polls that have been carried out. Maybe it’s those mournful Welsh valley tones or the tendency to break into song whenever the occasion permits it. Or it could be Welsh born presenters such as Alex Jones and Matt Johnson or Clash of the Titans star Luke Evans.

Posh Spice

By posh we generally mean those who speak with a cultured accent – more Royal heritage than Royale Family. In truth, these accents are universally popular and are epitomised by actors such as Hugh Grant and more lately Benedict Cumberbatch. They’ll never go out of fashion and are particular favourites of our American cousins.

Other Good Accents

Honourable mentions go to Geordie and Cockney which are getting more of a mention in the sexy accent stakes. Often, how sexy an accent is depends on who in the limelight is associated with it. That probably speaks to the diversity in our acting stars nowadays, moving us a long way from the clipped British accent that we used to hear in the 50s and 60s.

The Least Attractive?

And the least attractive? Well, the Birmingham and Liverpudlian accents often come low down on the list when it comes to polls. You’re more likely to score these accents higher if you have the same lilt to your speech, obviously. And it could be that we tend to associate certain accents with certain individuals like film stars and celebrities.

British accents, in all their glory, compare favourably with those from around the rest of the world. The Southern Irish beat the French, and the Scots give the Americans a good run for their money. As with most things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder though.

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