New Sex Toys for even more Gay Fun

We are always on the look out for ways to make gay sex even more fun and enjoyable and to make those orgasms even better. We have all played with some sort of sex toy in the past and the market is always being filled with better made and more unique products to stimulate our curiosity making us want to try them and increase our gay sex pleasure.

Here are a few that we really like at the moment

Rocks Off – Rude Boy Prostate Massager in Black

The reason that we really like prostate massages, especially the ones that vibrate nicely like this one does is that it leaves both your hands and your cock completely free to enjoy other experiences while the massages does its thing all on its own. Increased pleasure whether you are on your own or with another, if there are two of you we suggest getting one each to avoid arguments!

Glass Butt Plus –

Great brands like Icicles and their range of glass butt plugs are a fun and sexy way to enjoy butt play. Previously butt plus were black and rubbery (no bad thing) but these modern glass plugs are smooth sleek and come in a great range of colours, finishes and designs for a cute butt look!

Cock Rings

With all the fancy toys on the market it is easy to forget and neglect a classic – the cock ring. Used to make your erection stronger, harder and last for longer and even some which stretch your balls these are an underused tool in the sex toy box!

Advice on Gay Sex Toys

Do you want advice on which gay sex to buy or need some help with more imaginative ways to use the gay sex toys you already own? Then asking men who have used them is probably the best way to get that advice. Using gay forums and free gay personal ad spaces like is a great way to a post a free message, get the answers you are looking for and perhaps even find someone who is willing to show you how to use it.

Gay Sex Experiences

When it comes to gay sex toys and gay sex gadgets, the options are many and varied and gay men have almost an insatiable appetite for new and shiny items to enhance their sexual pleasure. In addition to sexy gay sex toys that come on the market two more experience based sex enhancements are also becoming increasingly common for gay men.

  1. Play in a Sex Dungeon
  2. The Boyfriend Experience with a Gay Escort

Sex dungeons have come a long way from their dingy seedy past, many of these places are now great quality, in terms of both equipment available and cleanliness of both items and dungeon. Available in most cities across the UK these are now seen as places simple adult fun indulgence rather than a seedy subversive place.

Gay Escorts have been around forever but the increase in men wanting a little more from their escort services is becoming increasingly common. The boyfriend experience being offered by many gay escorts is the next big thing in sexual experience for gay men. Spending more time on themselves and their emotional and sexual wellbeing is becoming increasingly important and the big driving factor to the increase in these experiences.

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