9 Different types of Gay Kisser

As well as being a thoroughly, all-round, enjoyable activity, kissing is an art form. There are so many ways, types of and reasons for kissing that it makes sense to have a guide.

You know, to work out what kind of kisser you are. And maybe discover the one that you want to see…….

  1. First off, we have the First Time. This can feel a little shy and awkward, but if you relax and take it slowly, the butterflies should start fluttering. Remember, there are no kissing ‘rules’ so you can’t ‘get it wrong’.
  2. Then there’s the Drunken Kiss. Usually seen after a few too many drinks, this type of kisser is emboldened by alcohol. He’s shy when he’s sober but get a couple of shots into him and then he’s the ‘Kisser Of The World’!
  3. Shy Kisser. Awww….he loves doing it but he’s shy about his skills. This one may need a little warming up and encouragement, but if you gently guide him through it then you could well end up with a Top Ten Kisser. It’s almost an investment, right?
  4. A Flatterer. Beware with this one because he’s going to tell you that you’re amazing Every. Single. Time. Which you might well be, but still take a pinch of salt with a flatterer kiss. Keep your cynical hat firmly on – until he kisses you twice. Because then you’re obviously a great kisser if he’s come back for more!
  5. The Aggressive Kiss. This one operates until a slightly more forced manner, shall we say. This guy knows how to kiss to get what he wants – and he’s determined to do it his way. But it’s no bad thing because that level of confidence is a turn-on all of its own.
  6. ‘He Only Does It One Way’. That’s right, he’s a one trick pony when it comes to kissing. But that’s OK (as long as he’s good!) because you know what you’re going to get. If you want to spice things up, then take the lead with this less experienced kisser and teach him some of your own moves.
  7. Pro Kisser. Yep, this one is practically qualified. He’s got some serious skills and he ain’t afraid to use them. Perfected over time, this guy will get you going with a heart-stopping kiss because that’s the thing he’s good at. If you feel a little overwhelmed by this pro kisser, then why not see if you can learn some of his tricks to become a pro yourself?
  8. The Sloppy Kisser. Uh oh, you think. Sloppy isn’t good. Except – it is. It might be a bit wet n’ wild than some other types of kisser, but since when is a little fluid a bad thing in the bedroom? This guy can really turn you on just by putting his mouth on your lips…..
  9. And finally – the ‘One Then I’m Done’ type of gay kisser. His kiss is short, but sweet, and there’s nothing to stop you coming back again, and again, and again………

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