Top 10 Restaurants in London for a Gay Dinner Date.

Well you’ve already made the right decision to head to London for your dinner date! Not only is the UK’s capital a dazzling metropolis of LGBT culture, but it’s also home to some of the best bars and restaurants in the world.

You have a staggering choice of all types of cuisine and all manner of restaurants and bars with a cosy nook or two for snuggling into after a few glasses of vino. But which are the best eateries to head for on your dinner date?

  1. This is the smaller brother of a cosy eatery in London Fields called Ellory (which is a great date venue in and of itself). It’s so successful that the same team decided to open Leroy just a short distance away in Shoreditch. It takes a leaf out of a tapas book by featuring sharing plates of Parisian food and has made quite a name for itself for being a purveyor of fine wines.
  2. The Pie Room. Exactly as it sounds, this restaurant offers more than just plain pies, instead it serves up gourmet pies, all hand decorated by its resident pastry expert. This one has you dining in an extension of the kitchen, so you can watch the master at work while you feast.
  3. Peckham Levels. It sounds a bit dodgy but bear with. It’s spread out on levels of an empty carpark, with a number of food stalls to choose from, with produce from around the world showcasing their artisanal treats. There’s plenty of space too so you won’t be disappointed at dinner time.
  4. One of the best Japanese places to eat in London. It’s a trendy, hipster place for the foodie elite, featuring sharing platters of Japanese cuisine. Keep an eye out for the kakitori.
  5. Cocktail time! The Speakeasy is a drinking den for the after-hours crew. Scotch features heavily on their menu, as does fresh fish. If you’re after a hedonistic experience in one of the coolest bars around, then a visit here won’t disappoint.
  6. Are you looking for somewhere a bit ‘out there’? If so, the Picklery should do the trick. This is a niche restaurant where literally everything on the menu has been through a brining or pickling process.
  7. On The Dak. This place basically serves an upmarket version of Nando’s fare. At this artisanal food hangout, the Korean Fried Chicken reigns supreme.
  8. Andrew Edmonds in Old Solo. It’s been around since the ‘80s and its cosy corners and candlelit ambience makes it a firm favourite for those seeking an extra bit of romance.
  9. For a taste of NYC, Balthazar in Covent Garden is the place for you. This US-inspired place offers an all-day menu with pastries and breads to die for. With a relaxed vibe about it, Balthazar is great for a low-key date.
  10. Berners Tavern. A glamorous, grand restaurant with an air of seduction, its portraits and ornate ceiling makes this place feel like a 1920s throwback. So get your Great Gatsby on and head over there for a mind-blowing date.

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