Do you prefer A Hairy or a Smooth Muscle Man?

For those who have a muscle fetish there is one big question that splits the crowd – On your ripped muscle man do you love to see a nice coverage of masculine hair or do you prefer the gleaming smoothness?

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Gay Muscle Gods

Whether you prefer the hairy guy or the smooth guy really all comes down to the matter of personal preference, but when it comes to which one you prefer, there are certain advantageous aspects to both choices.

Additional Masculinity

When all is said and done, a degree of body hair does tend to add somewhat to their masculinity – it can symbolise, and emphasise, their strength on a psychological level. Large, ripped guys, with a certain amount of body hair are hot! That’s not meant to imply, of course, that they are any stronger, physically, than their smooth muscle guy counterparts; it just adds another level of rugged sex appeal to the equation. A different texture, look and of course feel to the smooth muscle god.

Gleaming Smooth Bodies

On the other hand, however, if we are to look at those muscle guys who are smooth – their gleaming bodies outlining the contours of their muscles smothered in body oil, showing off their toned and tanned limbs and shirt ripping sinew…. there’s a lot to be said for checking out the smoothies. I guess it all really depends on what you like your muscle guy to do for you. If you’re in the mood to see some flexing, and some of the very best in-competition type poses, then smoothies may well have the edge, as hairless skin showcases just how big and ripped some of these guys are – plus, the observer gets to witness just how their muscles move, and behold the power that can displayed in a single bicep.

Post a Gay Personal

But if you’re after some true one-to-one man-appreciation, then surely it’s the hairy guys who win hands down. Hair festooned over their chests, running down a toned and tanned stomach – it’s enough to make any man’s imagination wander! And of course, the best thing is you don’t have to imagine just post a personal on telling them what you are looking for and see who responds.

Gay Muscle Fetish

Many men love to see a ripped manly man who can take them away from reality and show them a good time, to dominate or be dominated, to run your hands over their beautiful bodies or to have them pound you hard and never want them to stop. Muscle guys can give so much pleasure so put your Muscle fetish out there and find someone to fulfil your every muscle fantasy.

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