How to find someone who has a foot fetish?

Gay sex fetishes are becoming more and more mainstream as more men admit to loving things that were once considered weird or taboo, and one fetish that gets a lot of attention is a foot fetish! Talking about fetishes with friends is starting to happen and being open about what you like online is already happening in waves. Satisfying sexual needs and discovering and satiating gay fetishes has never been so easy!

What is a Foot Fetish?

Foot fetishism can also be known as podophilia and is a very common fetish to have and it encompasses quite a wide range of feet related excitement. If you have a foot fetish it simply means that you can be as attracted to a foot as some other men are to a penis, the sexual response comes from seeing a beautifully formed foot, or the touch of a toe or the smell of the feet can also be a turn on. One foot fetishist to another can find different things beautiful about a foot and as such it is not just any foot that they would find attractive but it would have to be a foot that fitted their specifications for arousal.

Foot Fetish and Gay Sex

One of the great things about a person with a foot fetish (as opposed to some of the other fetishes out there) is that they don’t need any extra equipment and it has no jeopardy associated with it so really anyone can get involved in this fetish. All it takes is a foot or feet and perhaps some shoes and your foot fetish lover will be in heaven. From admiring arches to sucking on toes, to smelling stinky trainers to being stood on, dominated by and worshipping feet is what a foot fetish is all about. If both partners are willing it is for the most part quite and easy fetish to include in a ‘normal’ gay sex session.

Find someone to share your foot fetish with

On the other hand, admitting to loving feet, and perhaps to what extent your foot fetish goes can be daunting with a new partner, or even with a loving partner who you haven’t divulged this part of your sexual desires with yet. So, finding someone who is happy to indulge your sexual fetish, for perhaps acceptance of their own is important.

Hook up sites are a great way to ask for someone who want to be foot worshipped, you can post exactly what you want to do to someone’s feet and then wait for a sexy man who agrees to reply to your gay personal. The best website for doing this is and you can post a gay personal for whatever you are looking for. You can add specifics of your own particular foot fetish and what you may be willing to do in return. You can also post your geographic location, so you can find someone within a similar area and then arrange to meet.

Simple – foot fetishes are extremely common and the best way to have them satiated is by posting a personal on

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