Tips on Keeping Harder for Longer

Finding a kindred spirit on the best gay sex forum is quite easy, you post your sexy personal detailing what you are looking for and then wait for a reply. Once you have found the guy you want to play with then you just have to make a date and then keep the excitement in check before you get there. But if you are looking forward to some really exciting kinky, sexy fun then you don’t want it to be over too soon.

Keeping hard and excited is a challenge as if you are meeting for some kinky gay sex you have probably been aroused all day waiting for the experience, but you don’t want to blow too soon once it starts. So, to help, here are some great tips on keeping you harder for longer so you can full appreciate the sexy experience you are about to have:

Sexy Tips for Keeping Hard

Keep a Good Work Out Regime

Working on your muscles in the pelvic area can really help you stay harder for longer, so work this into your normal gym or exercise regime and you will have an advantage when it come to keeping that arousal state for longer before succumbing to the eventual, amazing orgasm. Working on muscles called pubococcygeal muscles or PC muscles for short will help lengthen and intensify the eventual orgasm for ultimate pleasure.

Thrusting Limitations

It’s the rhythm that will probably get you in the end. So keep thrusting to a minimum before you build up at the end. Focus on other areas of your body or even other areas of you penis rather than thrusting hard and regularly. Slowing things down and changing positions around will also help, it will break up the rhythm and if you sense any early signs of orgasm then slowing down is one of the best ways to break it off before you go too far.

Masturbating Practice

As if you need to practice how to masturbate! However, if you can develop your masturbating technique then this will help you keep going for longer. The technique known as edging, comes from edging you closer and closer to orgasm before you halt it. Very frustrating to start with but once you have mastered the technique in the privacy if your own bed then you can apply it when having sex to stop you ejaculating too early.

Practical Squeezing

If you want a very practical and physical way to stop you cumming then try stopping and then squeezing right below the head of your penis. This puts pressure on your penis pushing the blood out momentarily and decreasing the sexual tension to help you not ejaculate for a little longer.

Condoms are your friend

In addition to being necessary for great gay sex, condoms also help reduce the sensation in your penis and so can help prevent premature orgasm. Get an extra thick one, or if you want to go for a long time try and put a few on to decrease your sensitivity and make you go through the night!

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