Love Playing Sexy Doctor Games? – Find your kindred spirit on a gay forum

Gay forums like are amazing for those of us who have kinky gay sex dreams and want to play out a little gay doctor sex fantasy from time to time. If you are currently not in a relationship or even if you are and your partner is not into what you are into how do you satiate those sexy, naughty thoughts and have a fulfilling and exciting sex life?

Gay Forums are Amazing

There is always porn of course, but great though gay porn can be it cannot meet all your needs. Physical touching, unexpected responses and someone there willing to dive into your naughty fantasy with you is what intimate contact is all about and fortunately with great gay forums you can find someone who likes what you like to make it happen.

Gay Sexual Fantasies

The amazing thing about gay sex fantasies is that they are so varied. One person can love to be spanked, one can love to be dominated and some just love to role pay scenarios they have been fantasising about for some time. One of the most common and recurring gay sex fantasies that lots of gay men love to play is Doctors and Nurses! This is probably because there are so many variations to this kinky sexy doctor play that just about everyone can get something out of it they love.

Doctor and Nurse Outfits

One of the main sexual turn-ons when it comes to doctors and nurses is that it can include some sexy costumes and everyone likes it differently, for some basic scrubs are the sexy turn on, for others it is a full latex doctor or nurse costume that gets the heart and cock pumping. Of course, traditional roles, need not apply and some gender swapping can also be included in this fun game. Perhaps you want to be dominated by a muscular surgeon in scrubs or is it more of a fantasy for you to get dressed up as a naught nurse and have a doctor dominate you – whatever you want to wear is fine as long as it gets you hard!

Domination & Instruments

One of the most exciting things about a medical or doctor fantasy is being inspected by the medical practitioner in every way possible. From light touching inspections all the way though to using a range of medical implements places in and on the body to make you moan with pleasure while the doctor does his work. If you love medical play and medical instruments, then a doctor scenario is definitely for you. Perhaps you want to be the doctor or nurse performing the inspection – that sounds good too!

Find your Doctor

To find someone to play out your sexual medical fantasy is easy, simply post a personal on the best gay online forum, and give details about what you want to happen to you, and also details of the person you would like to play with and post it. That’s it, easy, it is free to post your message and all you have to do is wait for your perfect medically minded man to respond and make your sext dream a reality.

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