Thinking of Booking a Gay Escort? Who is the Typical Man?

Gay personals are great for finding a gay escort, but is there a typical type of man who books a gay escort? If you have ever wondered, read on. All escorts agree that there is no typical guy who books a gay escort. They are just like you – some from all walks of life and are all looking for some company and a great sexual experience.

There is no typical booking but a wide range of normal men wanting to spend time with an escort for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the different types of guy who book gay escorts – but remember there is no typical type so feel confident and reply to that gay personal on today.

1st Time Out Guys

These guys are often younger, and it is their first time with a gay escort. Sometimes looking for an older man to explore what Gay Sex means to them and to let them discover what they like and don’t like in a fun, no pressure environment. Like most men who book Gay Escorts they want to explore sex with no strings attached and without the expectation to have to ‘return any favours’

Busy Out of Town Guys

Often businessmen who travel to different cities. Along with great sex they also like the companionship a Gay Escort brings, a real person to share an evening with when travelling. Often on short timescales, evening and afternoon appointments are common.

Steamy Sauna Guys

Going to a gay Sauna is one of Gay Life’s pleasures and for some going with an escort who is there simply to please and accommodate all your needs is the best pleasure of all.

Confidential Guys

These guys are most likely worried that their time with an escort will be found out. Don’t worry your time with your favourite gay escort is just between you and him, no one will know. Escorts completely understand the need for confidentiality, most people wouldn’t want intimate parts of their life to be exposed so all escorts will work with you to be as discreet as you need to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.

Kinky Guys

So, you may have had a fantasy about something and have not been able to ask partners to take part in your sexual kink – these are the guys that call a gay escort to get all their fantasies fulfilled. From simple kinks like spanking to a more involved role-playing ongoing scenario with uniforms and gadgets! Whatever your fantasy there is put it in your personal –wait for a reply and enjoy!

Quickie Guys

It’s all in the name, these guys are hot horny and wanting an escort, right now, nice and fast and satisfying and that’s it! Often, they pick a different guy each time as variety is the spice of life and most definitely sex and they just want to be satisfied –

Every Guy

There is no typical guy who books a Gay Escort, everyone is an individual post your personal on find you’re a match and get in touch for complete satisfaction of your needs!

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