What is Klismaphilia

Kinky anal play comes in all forms and one of the most common kinks, that becomes common practice for many men is the use of enemas and douching before anal play. If this turns you on as an activity on its own, then this is a fetish all by itself and not just a practical purpose and it is called klismaphilia.

Anal Douching Fetish

This is a common fetish and Klismaphilia is the formal term used to refer to sexual arousal from the use of enemas, which is the act of anal douching which cleanses the colonic canal. Enemas can be done with other fetish activities, but it tends to be a solo indulgence of anal masturbation. DIY is common but if you want someone to help then you can always put a gay personal out of gayscene.org and find someone local to you who wants to play.

Expressing your Kink

Sometimes you just want to find people who are into what you are into, and anal douching as a fetish is not something you perhaps want to talk about in the pub or on a first date. So, to find a hot guy, near you who wants to join in with your particular kink, post your free gay personal today and see who replies just think of the fun and excitement you can have.

Perfect for Foreplay

Douching as a kink by itself is great but it can also be an incredible form of foreplay. Only becoming an official fetish of its own in the seventies, the practice of using enemas goes right back to ancient times. Yes, the Romans were kinky too!  Warm water is and always has been the most common and safest liquid used in this slightly messy kink.

How to Prepare for Douching

There is a lot of fun and interesting equipment you can get now from good sex shops and other places to help with klismaphillia. There are special nozzles that help target, attachments for showers which keep everything neat and over the bat and a great many other attachments depending on what you are looking for.

Each kit is different but on the whole, this is how it is done, prepare your liquid, normally warm water in advance, and then use the nozzle to douche up you ass. You will get used to the sensations quickly and with practice you will get to know exactly how much water to use and the pressure you want to apply. If you are douching with someone else always have your own nozzles and clean and sterilise all equipment after each use.

Kinky Gay Sex

Whatever your kink you will find like minded men just like you on www.gayscene.org. Post your personal for free at any time and you can ask for whatever it is that you are looking for including douching. Wait for replies or read posts from others to see of someone likes what you like already. Douching is a fun kink that can be done alone or with someone else to help you along and then perhaps play more after you are done!

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