Find Someone to Indulge Your Foot Fetish

When you have a specific kink, it can be hard to find someone who you can indulge that fetish with. A foot fetish is such a fetish, not uncommon bit starting a conversation with a man in a bar or trying to discuss the matter with a partner can be very difficult. That is why the best place to find someone to indulge your foot fetish is online on

Gay Personals are Amazing

The one reason gay personals work so well is that you can be very specific about both what you are looking for and the location you are in so you can fink your kink mate in your location and don’t have to travel too far to get what you have been fantasising about. The best thing about posting a personal of Gayscene is that it is free and takes online a few minutes to upload your information and then you just have to wait for the reply!

Why Foot Worship?

Everyone is different when it comes to what attracts us and turns us on. It can be a good sense of humour, for other is more about the physicality between two people. A foot fetish is a very specific turn on which so many men love to indulge in for a variety of reasons. A foot fetish like all other forms of BDSM and fetishes has many different forms. It can be the simple smelling, caress and massage of feet to foot gagging, stinky trainers and trampling.

For some men foot worship is about submission, perhaps being tied up and being forced to lick, smell and kiss feet, the domination and control of it is what the submissive foot worshippers love. In combination with feet, there are also those men who just love shoes, whether that be trainers, army boots or smart oxford brogues! Socks and other associated foot accessories also come into play for the foot worshipper.

Foot Fetish Forever

Being under the feet of another man is also a very submissive action and one many men love to take advance of when they find someone who loves feet as much as they do!

So whether you are just looking for a local man who loves to have his feet massaged on a regular basis, or you want to find a local lad who can pass on his stinky trainers, or for more serious foot worship and foot submission session, all you have to do is post a personal on and find the others out there who like what you like and can make your foot worship dreams a complete successful reality.

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