Cute Gay Fetishes to Find Online

Finding someone who like the same kink or gay fetish as you used to be difficult, but now with great online gay forums like you can post about what you like and find sexy men who want what you want to play with.

Using a Gay Forum

Previously finding someone who liked the same gay fetish as you was like a needle in haystack as they not only had to like the same as you, but often in the opposite way, for example if you were into BSDM and you were a dom, you would have to find someone who also liked the same type of BDSM as you but be a sub – two dom’s together is no fun at all. Posting your needs, wants, dreams and desires on a great forum like lets you quickly and easily find people who can fit you needs so you don’t have to spend forever in that haystack!

Everyone loves a fetish, it just depends on which fetish turns you on, some men are pretty much into anything, whereas others are incredibly particular about what they like and don’t deviate from it. Traditionally fetishes have been seen as a very black leather clad men spanking each other but it does not have to be that way, increasingly cute prettier fetishes have come to the fore and are increasing in popularity all the time.

Gay Fetish Options

Not that we ever think the black latex clad master wielding a black whip will ever leave but as fetishes evolve and morph as more and more men experience the scope for cute gay fetishes opens even wider – here are some of our favourites of the moment:

Cute Spanking – So many me love to be spanked, but not all of them want it hard and from leather clad domineering men, and with that approach also comes new toys on the market. Whips, paddles and other spanking toys now come in a range of colours and patterns, it does not have to be black and while you still may want to be tied down it can be a fun giggly experience rather than a serious black one! Also, it is not only the whips and paddles that come in everything from rainbow to pastel pink, harnesses, handcuffs and neck braces are also now available in any colour or pattern you can think of!

Tales of Tails – do you like to role play and if you do, do you like playing a cute animal? If you do then you should defiantly try a butt plug with a tail, perfect for sexy kinky playtime! These cute plugs now come with a range of tails so you can pretend to be a cute dog, pony or rabbit – along with a host of other options – cuteness guaranteed!

Furries Grrrrr! – If you like the idea of dressing up then you can always take it a step farther and fully dress up as an animal with cute ears, and matching outfit you can play anyway you choose!

However you like to play and however cute you want to be, remember to post your gay personal on the best gay forum online and find your cute match today

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