Tips on Using the GayScene Platform

Finding a date, a sex date, someone who is into your fetishes or finding some local guys who would be willing to gangbang you until you beg them to stop can be difficult. We live in an isolated world and what once used to be found in gay clubs and sex clubs around the country now is online and can seem a little unattainable foe some people. So GayScene.Org was created to plug the gap between the online world and the local world so men can find the men they want to meet and who like what they like quickly and easily!

Online Gay Forum

GayScene is the best online forums for gay men looking to hook up. is for the gay community, posting your advert will always be 100% free – it is a quick and easy to use platform but we have some tips and tricks available to ensure you get the most out of using this unique and free service for horny gay men.

Find Sexy Men Online

You can simply scroll through and look at the adverts being posted on and then reply to one that looks good to you. Use the categories on the top right had side of the screen to filter what type of advert you are looking for. You can choose from All, Other, Fetish, Escort and Sex. Our top tip is if you are not sure exactly what it is you are looking for, click all and take a look at what is being posted. This can also give you ideas for what you can post on your own personal if you choose to create one. If you want to find someone very local to you then scroll down to the very bottom of any page and you will see adverts grouped into location specific areas. Finding someone local to you is very easy when you use these tools. You can also post you own gay personal or online advert to describe exactly what you are looking for.

Submitting your Online Advert

There are lots of  adverts on and if you want to add your own to it then click submit and it will bring up a form for you to fill in to describe exactly what you are looking for on the gay forum – just writing you are horny and want gay sex is probably not going to do well, so be a bit more specific when you complete the form. Here are some tips on creating your first online advert on

Choose your category – choose from sex /dating or fetish if you are kinky, this helps the other kinksters find you quickly!

Name – A first name or nickname is perfectly acceptable here

Subject – Write a quick catchy subject, this is what people will read first – make it to the point, e.g. looking for men for my Gangbang, North London!

Message – Be more specific than your subject, be more detailed but remember don’t give anything personal always like names and addresses yet until you are sure you want to share with the people that reply, giving a nearby tube station or landmark so they know your location is all that is needed in here.

City – Remember to put your closest city or town so other locals can find you

Photos – Definitely upload photos if you have them – these will really help show who you are, masks, or just body photos ok here!

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