The Best Gay Clubs in London

Gay clubs in London have come a long way in the last decade and with it being 2020 and a new decade we thought we would take a look at where to go in London if you want a great gay party. If you want someone to party with or want to ensure you have a date at the end of the night without the awkwardness of cruising then post a gay personal on before you go and party the night away with the knowledge that you can have some great gay sex at the end and so simply enjoy the club for what it is.

Gay Clubs in London

London has beyond doubt, the best gay clubs in the world, they are at the forefront of what is hot for the gay scene in London and set the trends for gay clubs across the globe. From cheesy music in the form of Brittney and Beyonce, to the classic leather hot spots or even spending the night in the company of some of the best drag queens, London’s club scene has it all and you should try it.

Gay Clubs to Try

The Dalston Superstore – Located (unsurprisingly) in Dalston, this is a hip place to grab brunch by day and the east ends best pansexual party spot by night. It has a bar upstairs for drinks, but the party really gets started in its sexy basement with its regular club nights including Uncontrollable Urge on a Wednesday!

VFD – The party house formally known as Vogue Fabrics (and still commonly called that) this is also an east end Dalston space hosting the fashionistas of the LGBT crowd. From drag nights and spoken word events, this space is known for its great party night atmosphere and its massive penis mural in the loo!

Eagle London – Another stalwart this time in Vauxhall, but it has recently undergone a huge makeover and looks new with trendy décor reminiscent of New York’s Meat Packing District. Still attracting the older guy but with its new threads it feels sexy rather than slutty. Sunday night attracts a more fashion forward and younger crowd at the Horse Meat Disco and it has one Saturday night a month where they play only female artists!

Heaven – As this classic gay London Club has been open since 1979, it has become a rite of passage for many gay men. London’s first gay superclub and still incredibly popular and is London’s most famous gay night out. If you haven’t been, go! While not at the cutting edge it is still a fun night out for everyone who visits.

KU Bar & Club – On the fringes of Soho, this is a huge LGBTQ+ venue that is often described as London’s best place for the gay community to party. Lots of different rooms including chart hits, club classics and with the best-looking staff in London it is no wonder there is a queue for entry every weekend night.

Whether you are just visiting London for a short time or have lived there forever taking another look at the gay clubs and bars on offer is a worthwhile task, and if you are looking for people to go with – post your personal on today.

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