Hello Doctor – and other Medical Fetishes!

Gayscene.org is an online platform for the gay community for gay hookups, it is a great place to find others who share the same kinks and loves as you and you can post or reply to posts from real guys, hot and horny just like you in your local area. One fetish area that is getting a lot of attention recently is medical play, whether you just like a hot man pretending to be a doctor, a nurse to look after you or some kinky BDSM play with medical toys, you can post a personal to find the guys who like what you like and make that medical fetish a reality.

Doctor, Doctor!

Medical play can be a fetish all on its own, or it can have lots of links to other kinky fetishes that you might want to play out. Often including lots of role play this fetish plays very well with the BDSM community as the sub can give themselves completely into the hands of a ‘doctor’ or ‘nurse’ and have all sorts of sexy implements used upon them. There is also the care factor, where the scenario may be that you want to be looked after or saved by a friendly ‘nurse’ who can treat you back to health, or even that you want to be the dominant one and use medical implements upon an unsuspecting role playing doctor! Whatever your fantasy posting a gay personal on gayscene.org is the best way to find the guys who are into what you are into and get that fantasy becoming a horny reality.

Medical Play Sex Toys

As with any kink play or fetish remember to discuss fully what you like and don’t like before you start and ensure you have a safe word so you can beg for them to stop when what you really want is for them to go on and on and on! There is often a huge number of toys and equipment in medical play so here is a quick overview of some of the medical play sex toys you may want to use.

Examination Toys – Being examined is one of the most fun parts of a medical play fetish so ensure there are plenty of spreader bars and cuffs to keep the patient from running away! Anal probes, medical implements, clamps and anal plugs are all great toys that can be included in medical play. If you don’t have specific medical kit, these can all be adopted from the sex toys you do have and perhaps simply given medical names by your role play doctor or nurse.

Enemas and water play – These can also form a part of this type of play but remember to use them as directed and only in a clean and easy to clean up space.

Latex – The snapping on of latex gloves can be the start of an incredible experience and enough to get many men hard and ready to go, but you can also think wider and have latex costumes to add to the role play experience.

With a little imagination and a few toys, you will be able to create a hot and horny medical play experience if you find the right guy to do it with. If you are more experienced and love to play this all the time, then building up a ‘Doctors Bag’ of kit to use will only ever enhance your medical play experiences. Don’t be shy, ask for what makes you hot and post it on gayscene.org today.

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