What Types of Guys use a Gay Forum?

Gay forums and gay chatrooms are a great way for gay men to meet each other, find kindred interests, discover a new boyfriend or just find a hot guy to have great gay sex with. Gay forums like gayscene.org are open to every type of guy out there, but have you ever wondered what types of guys use gay forums?

Gay Forum Users

The types of guys who use gay forums like gayscene.org are many and varied and use gay forums for many different reasons. As long as you are descriptive and clear in your post then you will find the guy you are looking for. Remember, that on GayScene.Org, posting a Gay Personal is free, and always will be! Here are a few of the types of guys that regularly use gay forums.

Fetish Sex Seekers

Even if you are confident in finding guys in bars to have casual sex with there is no way to guarantee that the guys that look so hot in a bar, share the same fetish as you – even in specialised clubs like BDSM clubs, you might not know who is a dom and who is a sub, and also who is a top and who is a bottom and often these important questions get lost in the fun and passion of being attracted to a guy. So, if you have a specific fetish that you want to try then you have to be specific about what you are looking for and a gay forum is the perfect place to post your personal. Another top tip is to read a lot of the personals too as your opposite guy may already be looking for you.

Across the UK Guys

Finding a hot guy near you can be problematic which is why gay forums like GayScene.org let you share your general location, city or county so you can find the guys who are closest to you.

Not Yet Out Guys

For some men, being open about their sexuality is still not an option and so they use gay forums to express their sexuality and find men who they can have confidential relationships with away from their day to day life. Often time limited these guys are looking for quick, confidential, non-repetitive sexual encounters.

Gay Curious Guys

There are lots of guys who describe themselves as gay curious or mostly straight who may want to explore their sexuality and find guys they don’t know to try this out with. These guys are often looking for men with experience to give them great gay sex as they explore this side of themselves.

Virgin or Limited Experience Guys

Your first gay sex experience should be a good one so many guys who looking to discover their sensuality and sexuality come to a gay forum to find advice and often a more experienced guy to show them the ropes! These are not only young guys but men who come out later in life are also in this category.

Students Looking for Fun

So many guys fully start to explore their sexuality while at University, they also like to meet guys for casual sex and find like minded gay guys to explore the gay scene on their university town and party with.

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