Tips on Finding the Best Gay Massage on a Gay Forum

Often a gay massage is used as a euphemism for gay sex, but actually it is an extremely pleasurable experience all on its own. The feeling of a strong man with soft and oiled up hands running them all over your body, and you being completely under his control is something every man should enjoy frequently either with a partner or with a gay massage expert.

Gay Massage on Gay Forums

One of the things men request on gay forums like is a good gay massage and we completely understand why. To find a sexy man to give you a great gay massage simply post a free personal or browse the personals of the men near you, if you see one you like, answer their gay personal and get chatting.

Here are our top tips on finding the best gay massage on a Gay Forum:

  1. Find a Gay Forum like that lets you post your gay personal for free. You don’t want to have to spend money to find the sexy man who will deliver the massage.
  2. Use a gay personals website where there are lots of posts already there, as this indicates there will be more potential people who will respond to your post.
  3. Describe what you are looking for – the more descriptive you are the better, and the more likely you will be to find the guy you are looking for.
  4. Detail the arrangements – If you have a preference for them to come to you, or you need to go to theirs, or arrange a hotel then ensure you post these details at the end of your personal so that everyone knows what to expect.
  5. Take a look at the photos on their personals or ask them to send you some images so you can see who is going to be giving you the massage.
  6. If you want gay sex or a blow job as part of your massage its always as well to say so, this just ensures that everyone knows what to expect as part of the package.
  7. If the massage portion of the meeting is as important to you as the happy ending or sex afterwards then you can ask for any experience from person who is answering your post – then if you have multiple offers you can choose the one with massage experience.
  8. Don’t be too picky – no one will fulfil your requirements 100% so go with your gut and feel attracted to the person that you pick.
  9. Consider a Gay Escort, this way you will get exactly what you want without the need to reciprocate anything for them. If you do choose a gay escort ensure you have an agreement before they arrive so you both know what to expect.
  10. Consider the massage oils you want to use so you have the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment when you meet up for the massage.

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