Camming Slang: What You Need to Know!

The world of ”camming” is huge! Many people enjoy the benefits of camming daily and the term itself is, in fact, slang! It is used to describe the act of having sexual encounters online, this can include all sorts of webchat, web videos online meetings etc.

There are many slang terms associated with this type of play, which in themselves can be a little daunting, for those who are not sure what they are doing or what the terms mean, but this is truly a misconception; the reality of it is, that these terms are pretty much straightforward, and with the help of this guide, you’ll soon be ready to sign on, and start having fun with one of the many gay camming partners that are at your fingertips. Remember if it is your first time on using a Gay cam then the guys on there are sexy and friendly so they will be happy to help if you are not sure!

So, first things first: if you don’t understand something, then speak up! It’s okay to say so, after all, it’s the way that we learn! Gay cam sex is just like any other type; it is based on intimacy and sharing, so good communication is the key to put you on the right track. You can take your time, so you can build up to the main event, so to speak; there’s never any need to jump straight on in – in reality, there are very few of us who would be able to get the best experience from doing such things. Everyone likes to flirt, sit and chat for a while, see what turns your gay camming partner on, what do they like? Tell them what you like. This all builds good interaction; you might like to play out a scene with them, and partake in some role-play?

Online cam games are fun. Dare is one we all know and love, and be played on very easily; although saying this, if you’re chatting via Instant Messenger, it’s always best to keep it to a minimum, as you’re there to observe; typing tends to take the heat away, as well as removing your eyes away from the screen – you don’t want to miss any of the juicy bits – which is why abbreviations are used, it keeps things quick and simple! Think of it as like texting, it’s the same principle after all, and soon becomes second nature.

So let’s get started with some of the main ones, to break the ice:

MOSS – Member of same sex

WYRN – What’s your real name? – This is up to you whether you want to give out this kind of information, or even ask it… always respect your camming partner’s wishes if they don’t want to disclose such things.

BorT – Bottom or top?

WUF – Where you from?

RUH- Are you horny?

TDTM – Talk dirty to me!

Explore what turns each other on; you’ll soon get to know, by watching your cam partner, what works. Play can get pretty hot when you utilise some of the basic acronyms – as well as learning some new tricks, such as the differing ways to touch yourself.

When things start to happen, you’ll probably see some of these mentioned:

S2R – Send to receive

Q2C – Quick to cum

NIFOC – Nude in-front of computer

MPFB – My personal fuck buddy

LMIRL- Let’s meet in real life – This one can depend on the situation and circumstance, but of course, personal respect must always be a priority.

K4Y – Kiss for you

GYPO- Get your pants off

GNOC – Get naked on cam

8 – Refers to oral sex

L337 – Elite

J/O – Jerking off

So whether you’re aiming for a camming session wherein you will GNOC, to J/O with your favourite muscle guy or being BorT with your MPFB, using these common gay camming slang terms can be very useful when it comes to enhancing your experience, as it guarantees that you will have fun, alongside gaining the ability to use the lingo!

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