Great Online Dating Tips in Lockdown

The Summer months are meant to involve long hot evenings on the patio of a corner café, introducing your new beau to your best friends in the local pub, and holding hands on an evening walk.  Except coronavirus happened putting a stop to all that, but is still there for you to make connections and we thought we would give you some great online dating tips for you to use on the platform to get chatting while you can’t meet.

Messages on all types of online platforms, including, are on the increase and the length of user conversations is higher than ever before.  Instead of swiping right we are all reaching out for someone to talk to and someone who perhaps we can have phone sex with or meet for some kinky time in the future.

We have some tips below to get you on your way to finding love in lockdown:

  1. Embrace it

Undeniably image is a big part of virtual sex chats and dating.  We are all in the same boat when it comes to our hair so don’t worry about it, embrace and enjoy it.

  1. Thoughtfulness is a new sexy

Netflix’s dating show Love is Blind might have dropped on our doorsteps pre-pandemic but is so relevant right now.  Dating within four walls with no distractions.

The hottest chat-up lines right now are thought-provoking.  Use “are you OK?” and “how are you?” as a conversation starter.  You may surprise yourself as it could turn into a longer conversations.  Re-watch Love is Blind for some inspiration.  Remember they did find love!

  1. Sexy Meetings

You are holding work conference calls over Zoom so why not date or sexy chat, over Zoom.  Have a look in your local area as there are speed dating sessions and singles nights being hosted on Zoom.  Alternatively try Bubble or House party.  Get your friends involved and let them set up a blind date.

As we enter a new era there are actually a host of new Corona-inspired platforms taking over.

  1. Mix it up

OK, getting drunk over a Zoom call can be fun for a couple of dates but boredom can quickly sink in.  How can you mix it up for date number four?  Try getting a delivery sent from a local restaurant.  Hop on to your Zoom call and enjoy a virtual dinner date.

Alternatively, if you are comfortable attempt online workouts together.  Or Gogglebox style; watch a TV programme together and de-brief. Or get dressed up in your kinkiest outfit and have a wank together – just saying dates can go this way too!

Hope you have enjoyed these tips.  What are you waiting for – get on and find a guy who likes what you like and see where it can take you!!

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