Looking to Discover Tantric Sex on a Gay Forum

Gay Sex is great, tantric sex can be tricky to get right to start with but once you have got there, many never want to go back! Many Gay Escorts are tantra masters and many men on www.gayscene.org.uk are looking for tantric sex experiences. Tantric sex is all about the meeting of the mind body and soul for you to experience the most amazing orgasms. Think of tantric gay sex as a slower pace of pleasure that combines with a sensual orgasmic experience. The rhythmic motions and slower sensuality of a skilled gay escort who can perform tantric gay sex is surely a joy every gay man must experience.

Holding onto Pleasure

At its heart Tantra start with a simple massage that then builds to create a rhythmic tension and pushes on all the pleasure buttons a man has and holds it there in suspended pleasure before releasing for the most intense and pleasurable orgasm imaginable.

Gay Tantric Sex

On top of the simple but extraordinary pleasures of the sensual and sexual side of tantric massage, the benefits of gay massage in general have been known throughout history and for good reason. Massage is beneficial to your health, it increases blood circulation by stimulating the muscles, which in turn supplies oxygen to tissue, which then speeds up metabolism and the activation and formation of feel good vitamin D.

Sensual Gay Hookup Fucking

Combining the wellbeing aspects of massage from an experienced and sensual tantric massage expert with sexual pleasure is an experience every man should enjoy. The term Tantric Massage is used to describe such a combination. A sensual massage with an intense and relaxing sexual release, it can also be known as an erotic massage or sometimes simply as a Gay Massage. While these descriptions are used, a gay tantric massage really goes deeper – and can be profoundly affecting when delivered by a skilled tantric gay escort.

Massage Masters

This type of massage is a conscious experience that is based upon the principle that the body, spirit and soul form a unity – and tantra is spirituality. Tantra works with various chakras but energy is transferred to the heart chakra and it is here that it will transform into true love.

Orgasmic Heaven

For men, Tantric Massages can consist of stimulating the prostate. This is not only beneficial for a man’s health, but can provide the strongest, and longest, orgasms a man can achieve – or even multiple orgasms. This can cause men to experience the sensations of orgasm without actually climaxing, and when they do, they experience an orgasm so strong and long that it is referred to as a spiritual sexual awakening.

Gay Tantric Escorts

For gay men who want to experience something more when getting a gay massage, discover deeper and more pleasurable orgasms and feel better and more refreshed after gay sex then finding a gay escort who can deliver an outstanding gay tantric experience is a must.

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