The Difference Between Gay & Straight Sex Toys

If you have never thought about it, you may think all sex toys are created equal, and that sex toys are pretty much the same whether you are gay or straight. Well, we have thought about it and we think there is a big difference between the two and we want to share what we have learned!

Gay Sex Toys – What you need to know

Many sex toys are designed and manufactured from the point of view of opposite genders using the sex toys for satisfaction. From the sex toy company point of view this is because of course their largest market is a heterosexual one, but with gay men using more and more sex toys and with more focus being places on gay pleasure, more toys have started to be created with men on men action in mind – thank goodness!

Typically dildos, vibrators, cock-rings etc have been made with heterosexual pleasure in mind with little thought for the men out there who want toys to also enhance their sexual play, in the past ‘regular sex toys’ have been seen as interchangeable, now men are demanding more specifically created toys for them and they are being rewarded with innovative items!

Gay Sex Toys for Men

Toys created for men who want to have sex with, and pleasure other men are coming onto the market and gay men are loving them. With great feedback and constructive criticism on how these sex toys can be made better more and more of these gay sex specific toys are going to be seen over the coming years.

Toys that can be used by two men at the same time are becoming more and more available, for example double ended vibrators, cock friendly rings designed to pleasure an anus rather than a vagina, anal stimulation in the form of larger and more prostate driven designs and high tech toys are now all available to the adventurous gay man.

Solo Gay Sex Toys

Solo play toys for gay men are also taking a leap forward, no longer do gay men have to make do with toys for men who are wishing for a woman, they are now including great toys that enhance and can replicate gay sex in all its glory! An entire industry is up and coming and will get better the more that gay men use and ask for great toys for them through solo play and for couples and partners.

Top Tip for Gay Sex Toys

Lubrication is important. We will just write this again for emphasis, Lubrication is important! It doesn’t matter if you have bought the best gay sex toy on earth, the most expensive or the most amazing, if you don’t have lube to smooth the way it will probably all end in uncomfortable disappointment. Have some lube to hand, have a spare lube in the bedside draw and then have a few more bottles in a cupboard somewhere in case the toy is really, really good and you don’t leave the house for three days while you play!

If you are looking for advice on the best gay sex toys to use, or you are looking for a local guy to play with the gay sex toys that you have bought in a non-complicated way then post a gay personal on the best gay forum on the internet and find someone who likes what you like!

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