Top Tips for Anal Sex First Timers

If anyone has told you the first time that they had anal sex it was wonderful and magical and amazing, they are probably telling a few fibs! The first time for anything sexual can be very exciting but it is often far from perfect. However, that does not mean it has to be bad. Your first anal sex experience will probably be something you remember for the rest of your life so try and make sure it is a positive experience even if it not a perfect one!

One of the only ways to get the perfect magical first time anal experience is to hire a very experienced and wonderful gay escort, but even then you may need a few tips to make it go smoothly – so here they are:

Anal Sex First Time Tip 1 – Be a Clean Dream

So, this is a simple one, that can be overlooked and can make anal sex be awkward! Be clean, super clean, and by clean we mean internal and external. Know your body and don’t eat anything that makes you gassy or is too spicy etc, as this can really affect the mood as you get going. Then there is general hygiene, take a shower before sex, it’s nice!

Anal Sex First Time Tip 2 – Safe Sex Always

A happy, healthy sex life means a safe and secure one. Condoms are your best friend, even if you don’t like them – get used to them! Condoms mean you are both being safe and can just enjoy the experience without any worries.

Anal Sex First Time Tip 3 – Lube is Your Best Friend

Trying to push a hard penis into an anus without any lube is difficult, uncomfortable, and not enjoyable. As this is a first timer tip, the more lube the better, and then add some more! Lube on the outside and the inside of your anus and on the penis head to help smooth entry. If it is your first time it is probably going to feel at the minimum very strange and a little uncomfortable so the more lube you can add the easier it will be.

Anal Sex First Time Tip 4 – You are not a Porn Star

Repeat after me, I am not a porn star, I am not a porn star! Leave all your preconceptions of what anal sex is from what you have seen in your dirty gay porn movies and relax into what is reality. Don’t go too fast, don’t go too hard, don’t go ass to mouth, do stop if it feels bad! Your favourite porn film you have been fantasising over is just that, a fantasy, so enjoy the reality and be prepared that it might not all go to plan. You might have to have a few goes before you are relaxed enough to take the whole penis and you may only last a few minutes. Its ok, its your first time!

Anal Sex First Time Tip 5 – Practice Makes Perfect

The muscle at the entrance of your anus (anal sphincter) plays a key role in how much you enjoy anal sex and it needs to practice letting the cocks in! So, tightening and relaxing this muscle on a regular basis so you know what it feels like is a good idea. There are also anal training toys of different sizes you can try on your own, so you get to know what it feels like in advance.

Of course, no matter how much anal porn you watch or how much you practice with a dildo can really prepare you for your first anal sex experience. Anal sex is a joy, so your first time should be well planned and you should enjoy every second of it.

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