Hairy Men – Yay or Nay?

Everyone has a type – what’s yours?

One of the biggest male grooming trends of recent years is the rise of the bearded man. Once a fringe look, having bushy but neatly groomed beards is now a common place look and many guys of many different types are sporting the beard – but do you like the beard? – yay or nay?

Hot Bearded Gay Guys

The great thing about a gay personals site like is that there are so many different types of guys on there. From ripped to chubby, latex loving to smooth twinks, but there is no getting away from the fact that the bearded guy is no longer an oddity. With so many men loving this new hairy look, if this makes your heart pump and your cock rise, seeking them out on a gay messaging website is a great idea.

Fashion Forward Bearded Gays

The beard is certainly not a new thing or phenomenon, but it also should be remembered that not every guy can carry one off, but for those that can the question is – is he Hot or Not? Many hot guys looking for gay sex on online platforms are very fashion forward and great looking and may sport a beard. Those that love a Gay Bear rather than a Twink would probably say Hot, while those who favour the smoothness of youth would say not – but let’s take a closer look at the Beard Factor!

Increasing your cool ratio is not guaranteed when you have a beard. To be blunt, not all me suit a beard, and some that do have them perhaps don’t keep them as groomed as they should be. This ends up with some men looking more like a caveman than a strong sexy man!

Hot or Not Facial Hair

Manliness is definitely increased when men sport beards, rugged persona, outdoor lifestyle and a strong personality are all exuded with beards and other facial hair. If a sexy man has a great beard, then the chances are they may also have a nice hairy chest, perfect for running your fingers through. Of course, if you are looking for a smooth, youthful looking twink type, then a beard can really crash that fantasy. Whatever you like, perhaps you should always try a bearded guy a least once, you never know how good it could be unless you try, and the thought of a nice hard cock disappearing below that manly beard for you absolute pleasure should be something everyone tries!

Sensory Beardy Gay

Beards adda new sensory feel to any sexual experience, beards can tickle and tease whichever part of the body they are kissing for extra arousal. If you like rough sex then the scratchy nature can really add to that feel, and if you like it soft then a beard and possibly chest is a great place to bury your face for bearded sensory overload! Grabbing it, pulling it and simply running it through your fingers can all add extra thrills to great gay sex.

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