Tips on Achieving a Prostate Orgasm

For many men having an orgasm is pretty easy, stopping it coming to soon is often the biggest challenge men have. So when you think about a prostate orgasm it is hard to try and bypass the natural urges and wait a little longer for the ‘male g spot’ to take over and give you the most intense orgasm you have ever had.

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Here are some top tips on achieving that prostate orgasm:

Feeling in the Mood – Like most areas of sex, being really horny, and really aroused is what is going to get this orgasm going and much easier to find. Relax, get yourself horny in the way you normally do, watch some porn, get out some lube or play with your favourite toy to ensure you are really in the mood to try this new technique. Feeling in the mood for sex means that you will find the prostate much easier to stimulate and you will be more responsive and sensitive to the touch.

Practical Thinking is Key – Lube, lube, lube is always the best advice for gay sex and this is also true of prostate orgasm seeking. Making sure you have a lot of the good stuff to hand and also ensuring your and your partners nails are short, and files will avoid any unnecessary problems in the bum!

Relax, Relax, Relax – Breathing techniques and relaxation are key when it comes to anything to do with anus play. This is even more important when it comes to prostate orgasms. Relaxing your anus muscles and not squeezing or tightening will ensure the experience is free from discomfort. So, breathe deep, keep calm, relax and carry on. If you feel a little discomfort or resistance while you are working towards orgasm the natural instinct is to clench up, but you need to practice just relaxing and letting go. This is not difficult but can take a bit of practice.

Finding the Male G Spot – Making sure you locate the prostate is the key element to having a great orgasm as quickly and deeply as possible. For many men it is located between 3-4 inches inside the anus on the front wall. It has a different texture and feels firm and round.

Rhythm is Key – How you orgasm is unique to you but for many men having a steady rhythm really helps work them towards climax and this is no different when it comes to a prostate orgasm. Experiment with rhythm and sensation to massage the prostate and bring you to climax faster and harder.

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